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Upgrading CobraNet firmware on an AudiaFlex

When upgrading firmware on an older AudiaFlex, sometimes the device's CobraNet firmware also needs to be updated. CobraNet firmware is updated using a different procedure than when updating Audia firmware. Note that CobraNet firmware needs to be updated only if Audia software specifically displays an error message that says so. If, while attempting to update Audia firmware, you don't receive a specific message from Audia software instructing you to update CobraNet firmware, then the CobraNet firmware on that device is already up to date.

If you are attempting to update CobraNet firmware on an older AudiaFLEX that has AEC-2 cards installed in it, please contact Biamp Tech Support before continuing. This is only necessary if the AudiaFLEX uses the oldest AEC-2 cards. If it uses newer AEC-2W or AEC-2HD cards, then the unit can be updated to the latest firmware without issue.

This article describes the procedure for updating CobraNet firmware on an AudiaFlex.

If you are using CobraNet Disco to monitor a CobraNet system for errors please follow the connection process outlined under 'Preparation' and 'Connect'.



  1. Go to the Cirrus Logic download site located in the following link:
    • Download CobraNet Discovery Utility (Disco) to your desktop (Version 4.0.5 or later)
    • Install the .NET framework version 3.5 located in the following link: 
    • Double click on and install the appropriate version for your operating system. Please note that Disco will not create a desktop icon.
  2. Go to the Biamp Systems download site by clicking the following link: Audia/Nexia Software & Firmware (
    • Under Firmware, select the appropriate AudiaFlex CobraNet firmware and download to your desktop (AudiaCobraNetFW.exe)
    • Double click on AudiaCobraNetFW.exe and click on “Unzip” to extract the files. Save the files in the default location. (C:\Cirrus Logic\CobraNet Discovery\firmware)
  3. Open the TCP/IP properties of your computer by going to the Control Panel > Network and Internet> Network and Sharing Center > Local Area Connection. Select Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) and click Properties.
    • Select “Use the following IP Address” and set a static IP Address. Set the Subnet Mask to and click “OK”

Network Settings.GIF


Connect the Ethernet port on your computer to the same network switch as the CobraNet devices on your network.

  1. Open CobraNet Disco by going to Start > All Programs > CobraNet Discovery > CobraNet Discovery.
  2. Open the options menu by going to Tools > Options.
    • Make certain the network card connected to the CobraNet network is selected under Network Adapter.
    • Manually set the IP Address Range you want the devices to be assigned to (in this example the range from to 109 was defined, the PC had been assigned .110 previously), and then click on “Enable Auto Assignment” to apply that range. Click “OK”.
      • This tells Disco the range of IP addresses you'd like to put your devices in; Disco then auto-assigns IP addresses from the pool of addresses that lie within that range. Devices will keep this address until power cycled. Devices which have previously gotten an IP address (possibly in a different range) will not take a new IP address until power cycled.
    • The Database Location can be left alone for now.

Disco Settings.GIF

All units connected to the CobraNet network should appear in the CobraNet Disco window. If not, Click View > Refresh. Each line shows each individual unit, an IP address, MAC address and current firmware version.

  • If a device times out, power cycle the unit by unplugging the power cord.
  • If, after power cycle and Refresh, the IP address still does not come up in the same subnet as your PC go back to Tools > Options and verify the IP Address Range is correct and matches the PCs static address.
  • If you don't see any devices after completing this step, try temporarily disabling any anti-virus software on your PC, and/or temporarily disabling Windows Firewall. These have been known to cause problems with the CobraNet Discovery software. We have seen the corporate firewall and anti-virus suites installed on some integrator's laptops which refuse to allow CobraNet data to pass. Since the security configuration defined by the IT department cannot be overridden by the end user a different PC may be needed in that instance.

If you are using CobraNet Disco for CobraNet monitoring and error detection your connection setup is complete.


Update the firmware in CobraNet Disco.

  1. Select the device(s) to have firmware upgraded and go to CobraNet > Update Firmware… 
  2. Select the appropriate firmware version from the list and click “Update”. This process will take about 30 – 60 seconds.
  3. Power cycle the unit when prompted to do so and click “OK”
  4. After the system boots up, go to View > Refresh to verify that the firmware was installed.
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