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How to address Nexia error 111f and 991f


This article covers possible 111f and 991f error causes and how to recover the system.



NexLink cables are a common cause of the 111f (and 991f) errors. NexLink cables must be normal Cat5 cables, not crossover cables. Crossover cables can trigger these errors. Bad cables can also trigger both errors.


System recovery

If bad or incorrect cable types have been eliminated as a cause, use this procedure to recover the system.

Please ensure you have a backed-up copy of your Nexia configuration (a .nex file) before proceeding.

  1. Remove all cables plugged into the NexLink ports of all units.
  2. Power cycle all devices.
  3. Establish a telnet or serial connection to each unit individually, and send the command  CLEAR 0 DEVCONFIG  (in all caps). 
    • You should get a response of  +OK  after hitting enter.
  4. Next, send the command RESET 0 FILESYSTEM. You should get a response of  +OK  after hitting enter.
  5. Power cycle all devices.
  6. Re-send your file. Do not reconnect the NexLink cables yet. 
    • If the system file loads normally while the NexLink cables are disconnected, you likely have a problem with one or both of your cables.
  7. Reconnect the NexLink cables. Double-click on the “NexLink In” blocks in your file to check the status of the NexLink connection.
    • If any of them have a red light, you may have a bad NexLink cable.

Please reach out to support if the issue persists as the device is likely in need of repair.