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About making Biamp device drivers

To save you precious time, we have created a device driver library that you automatically have access to when you download our software. 

With Biamp Project Designer comes Biamp Device Indexer. It automatically checks for updates and gives you a notification when new drivers are available. You can then click "Download new device drivers" and your  driver library will be updated and re-indexed. Or you can manually open Biamp Device Indexer and check for device drivers. New device drivers are released 4-5 times a year. See how to update and re-index manually in this article.

If a device is not in our database and models with similar naming are not working for your device , you have the following options for getting a new device driver done.

Do it yourself

You can develop your own device drivers with Biamp Device Editor.

See our video on "Getting Started with Biamp Device Editor" to learn more on using the software. 

Biamp developed drivers from protocol/API only

You can also choose to let us do it for you based on the protocol description alone. Depending on the quality of the specification we can develop device drivers based on the document alone and without the hardware present. Please follow this procedure:

1. Contact Biamp Technical Support and request the driver. If you can find and attach the relevant protocol/API already here, this would speed up the process. 
2. We will develop the device driver. You should expect the development of new device drivers based on documentation to be 2-4 weeks.
3. Once completed we will send the device driver file back to the requester for testing, and if all is working as expected we will release it to the database. 

Note: We cannot test sequence timings because we don't have the hardware available, so that will have to be timed and entered manually whenever adding the device driver to a project. 

Biamp developed Certified drivers 

To get a device driver Biamp Certified, please follow this procedure:

  • Contact Biamp Technical Support and plan the details
  • Send the AV-equipment to Biamp
  • We will develop the Biamp Certified Device Driver and release it through Biamp Device Indexer* to our device driver database. 
  • We will ship the AV-equipment/ device back to you after the device driver is made.
  • (When we receive the AV-equipment, you should expect the development of new device drivers to be 2-4 weeks)

Once our Device Driver Developer has tested and approved a device driver, it will achieve the label “Biamp Certified”.

Please make an appointment for the development of new device drivers before you ship the AV-equipment to us. This will make the process easier for us and we can commit us to the assignment accordingly to your needs.

We have a complete list of our drivers in an another article. You can find it here. 

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