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Creating new Biamp device drivers

Biamp develops and updates a library of drivers for more than 7000 devices which can be connected to systems managed by Biamp devices.

If a third-party device is not currently supported, you can:

  • Write your own device driver using Biamp’s Device Editor software.
  • Request that Biamp add a driver to its library as part of our long-term development schedule.


Creating your own driver

This is the most reliable and timely option for obtaining drivers for third-party devices not supported at present.

Support articles and video

Biamp provides support articles covering the basics of how to create drivers using Biamp’s Device Editor software on our Cornerstone knowledge site. We recommend beginning with the article and embedded video:

Device Editor Software

Download Biamp’s Device Editor by clicking here.

Phone Support

Need help or have questions? Contact Biamp Technical Support.



Checking for new drivers

Biamp typically releases new drivers 2 to 3 times per year. The Biamp Project Designer system-creation software includes detection and download of newly added device drivers. The software’s Device Indexer automatically checks for updates and provides notifications when new drivers are available. Clicking on “Download new device drivers” updates and reindexes your local driver library.

While typically not required, you can check for new drivers by manually opening the Device Indexer.



Requesting a driver be added to Biamp’s development schedule

Biamp works to build out its library of supported device drivers. New drivers are based on protocols / APIs provided by equipment manufacturers with priority given to expanding support for brands already in our driver library.

Requesting a driver

You may request we add a driver to our ongoing development schedule by emailing us at

This adds your request to the current development queue. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that we can meet all requests due to the sheer number of third-party devices on the market.

What information do we require to write drivers? 

  • Please contact the device manufacturer to verify your devices are compatible with Biamp controllers. Include this information in your request email.
  • Please include any protocols or APIs made available by the device manufacturer attached to the email.