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Device Editor - Device settings section

In the device settings section you can identify your device with a name, type and manufacturer.

Name: The name (model name) of the device.

Type: The type of the device. It could be DVD-player, Projector, Amplifier etc. If the type is not in the list just select [New type] from the list and define a new one.

Manufacturer: The name of the manufacturer that produces the device. If the manufacturer is not in the list just select [New manufacturer] from the list and define a new one.

Device Version: Furthermore you can choose a version of the device.

Revision: Your version numbering of the driver.

Model numbers: If you know that the other model numbers have similar codes, you can add the models here, separated by semi-colon (;). These alternatives will now appear as separate device drivers in Project Designer.

Description: For more information you can use the Description field.

If a connection diagram is attached it is also displayed here.