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Continued support for legacy Biamp Control products

In 2022, the Impera platform was re-engineered to run on the Linux platform. This provided a more robust foundation on which to build out new features for the control ecosystem. The Impera Tango and Uniform controllers (Rev B and later) and the Apprimo Touch 8i can now receive feature enhancements to increase the reach and abilities of the control system.

The Echo Plus remains a cost-effective way to employ traditional Impera control in systems that do not require these enhancements. The Echo Plus and older members of the Impera line such as Lima will continue to receive support and perform exactly as they have before. Cross-compatibility between current and legacy products will be maintained as much as possible.

When using a legacy product, please ensure that you avoid using features that are only available in the enhanced products. Testing has shown that the impact on a legacy system using a new feature is limited to that specific feature not functioning and does not extend to other parts of the system.

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