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Impera Control Feedback Behavior

Impera controllers react to state changes made to system components, except for those changes initially triggered by the controller itself.



If the controller sends a command to an HDMI switch to select INPUT 3, the controller will not react to or register the response feedback from the switch – in this case, where the switch responds to the GET commands that INPUT 3 is selected. However, the controller will react if the switch is subsequently changed to INPUT 1 by an outside command source. The controller would then execute the functions or sequences specified in the Action pane of the feedback section in your Biamp Project Designer configuration.


Using Feedback

If you have functions or sequences you wish to trigger any time eg. an input changes externally from the control system (like in the example above), the best approach is to place these functions directly to the buttons in your configuration that triggers this input change. Then you could use the device feedback to trigger a "Press Button" on these buttons.

The reason for doing it this way is that you make sure the interface will always be in sync with reality and it is a very effective way of configuring your system. Also, if you have functions you wish to trigger on an input selection change and solely base these on feedback, these functions would not be triggered if you would manually make the selection, due to the way the control system manage feedback.



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