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Types of IR Codes

Different types of IR codes

In the following the different types of IR codes are examined.
IR codes can be divided into 4 categories:

Single code
Repeat code
Single code with a repeat code
Toggle code

Single code

A single code IR code has one code that is transmitted 1-3 times when you press the button on
the remote control. This type of IR code is most often used for functions like source, mute, power
on/off and menu.
If the receiver does not accept the code, you must press the button again.

Repeat code

The repeat IR code works almost like the single code, except that this code is transmitted as long
as the button on the remote is pressed.

Single code with a repeat code

These codes are a combination of the single and repeat code. When you press the button of the remote control, a single command is sent out once and is then repeated afterwards as long as the button continues to be pressed. If your learned IR code does not turn up the volume as fast as the original remote control, it is likely that the original remote used a “single code with a repeat code” and something went wrong in the learning process.

Toggle code

A toggle code consists of two different IR codes: one for an “odd press” and one for an “even

When you press the button on the remote control it sends out one code, and when you press the
button again it sends out the second code and so on. The function of each code is identical, but
two codes are needed for a process to be able to proceed sequentially.
If only one code were repeated, the receiving device would ignore any further presses of the but-
ton. The power button, for example, could only turn the device ON but not OFF. Toggle code is the
general term for this type of code. The most common IR toggle code is called RC5 and RC6.

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