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UDP broadcast

UDP broadcast is an easy way to send data from one unit to many other units. UDP broadcasts are convenient because you do not need to know the IP addresses of the units receiving the data, and the unit sending the data doesn’t need to have an IP address either. The data sent by a UDP broadcast is received by all the units in the LAN that are listed to the port you are using to send the broadcast.

How UDP is used

UDP broadcasts are used throughout the Biamp Impera/Aprimo Control Systems, and knowing how it works will
help you quickly detect and solve potential problems.
UDP broadcasts are currently used for this function:

  • Detect LAN: a broadcast is sent out and all the Biamp units that receive this broadcast answer back.


The more switches and hubs the UDP data has to pass through, the greater the risk that some
data will not reach the receiver. Furthermore, UDP broadcasts that use a router or Wi-Fi are
occasionally interrupted in order to reduce traffic.

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