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Which IP ports are used when installing an Impera Control System in a LAN network

What can it do for me?

When you create an installation of an Impera Control System with web interface (E.g. Sierra II) and you’re using it in a network, there are some things you should keep in mind as the installer. The IT administrator in a company might want to know what consequences and security issues it could have to install a new network device.

What do you need to know?

When a control system is connected to a LAN network, several services starts and generates traffic on the network.

Background services

  • LAN lookup: On UDP port 8000 identification information is broadcasted when our configuration software Project Designer requests them. This information is only sent when maintenance is performed to the control systems.

  • Central Control Live updates: On UDP port 8001, the control system broadcasts its status information each time one or more LED changes state.

  • Central Control draws service: on TCP port 5009, Biamp Central Control can actively connect to the control system and get status and execute button press.
  • Extension device lookup: Every 3rd sec. a look-up/keep-alive status is transmitted using multicast address port 7979.
  • The control system support IGMP, so by using a switch that supports IGMP you can make sure that data is only transmitted to the Biamp Control System and extension devices.
  • Upload/download of project: TCP port 23 (Telnet) and 20+21 (FTP). The mentioned ports are used when changing the configuration of the control system.
  • The ports should not be used for anything else than the Biamp configuration system.

Using a graphical interface

When adding a graphical interface to the control system, each graphical interface, which connects to a control system, will create a TCP connection on port 80 (HTTP). To make sure that this connection is always open, keep-alive data is transmitted back and forth every fifth sec.
Whenever the control system is used, the traffic between the graphical interfaces and the control
system increases on port 80. Apprimo Touch 8i uses port 8080.

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