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Why does the off button or all buttons on the keypad flash?

When controlling a device over LAN, we have a built in function that requires connection to all TCP LAN devices before you can start using the keypad.

By default it is the OFF button that flashes until connection to all units have been establish. If no OFF button is defined in the keypad then all buttons will flash.

The great thing is that after connection of all devices have been done 1 time, the system will keep responding even if a connection is lost.


For the control system to communicate with the LAN device, a few things needs to be in place so here is a check list:

  • Does the IP address entered in Project Designer match the IP address of the device.

  • Is it the right port number entered in Project Designer?
  • Is the Control system and device within the same IP range?
  • Are you using a network with DHCP or static IP adresses? If using DHCP, make sure that you have entered the right IP address in Project Designer.
  • Is there an IP conflict on the network? (Check with a LAN tool for PC or an APP, e.g. FING)
  • Is the device enabled for LAN control?
  • Some device have either RS232 or LAN control, so make sure that you have selected LAN.

Disable check: 

If you want to permanently remove the LAN connection check, disable the LAN device check under LED error indication. 

Rack controllers

On the rack controllers it is not possible to on the front LED if a LAN connection is missing. But check Live Monitoring for connection status to devices.