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Need a way to control power for auxilary equipment? Look at Netio

We have partnered up with the good people at NETIO to create an integration between our products. This will make it easier for you, in your projects, to control the power of connected auxiliary equipment, and monitor the status of other devices.



Use case examples

Would you like for the client to save power on the electricity budget? Then help them with a solution where displays, projectors, matrix switchers, etc. switches off during the weekend and holidays. You need a way to control a ceiling fan, but you have no way of getting cables into the walls. When powering up the equipment it needs to happen in a certain order for the system to start up correctly. 

For all scenarios above, NETIO have some products that can help you out. 

Biamp <> NETIO

There has been drivers created for the following devices and they are now available in the Project Designer device database. 

  • NETIO PowerBOX 3Px - 3x indepentdantly controlled power outputs using wired LAN
  • NETIO PowerCable Modbus 101x -  1x controlled power output using wireless LAN
  • NETIO PowerPDU 4C - 4x output PDU 110/230V using wired LAN
  • NETIO PowerPDU 4PS - 4x output PDU 110/230V using wired LAN
  • NETIO PowerDIN 4PZ - 4x output DIN mounted relays 110/230V using wired LAN
  • NETIO 4 - 4x output PDU 110/230V using wired LAN or WLAN
  • NETIO 4All - 4x output PDU 110/230V using wired LAN or WLAN with power metering

Have a look at the attached installation guides produced by NETIO, which will help you getting started with the integration.

Application Note

They have also produced an application note with a bit more details and some examples on Project Designer projects. Please, study it here.

AN44 EcHo Plus (NEETS) for AV applications controlling electrical power sockets 230V

Where to buy?

For purchase information of the above mentioned products please get in touch with NETIO using their contact details.

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