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Biamp Device Indexer and how to refresh your drivers



Perform the following steps if you just installed Project Designer and the drivers did not auto update.



  1. In the taskbar, open the system tray and find the icon labeled Biamp Device Indexer.



  1. Double-click it. If the icon for Biamp Device Indexer is not in the system tray, then search for the .Exe file in the Project Designer folder.
  • The file path should be: (Your Drive):/Program files (x86)/Biamp/Project Designer)




After double-clicking the icon, this window should pop up:


  1. From here you can:
    • Download new device drivers to see if there are updates.
    • Or click on Re-index all devices to download all of Biamp's device drivers.


After completing these steps, your Project Designer "Devices" UI should look like this: