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Qt X Fault reporting

Qt X hardware reports active device faults and records these in events logs. This article covers device faults shown on the front panel, the Qt X system software and onboard web user interface (web UI), and in the system logs. 


Front panel fault messages

Front panel fault messages are seen on the same navigation page as the device firmware version.






Device fault messages

  •     MISSING_DEVICE_CERTIFICATE: 'no device cert.'
  •     DEVICE_NOT_READY: 'not ready'
  •     CONFIGURATION_FAILED: 'config. failure'
  •     DEVICE_TEMPERATURE: 'high temperature'
  •     FIRE_CONTACT_IN: 'e-mute alarm ON'


System fault messages

  •     SYSTEM_DEVICE_OFFLINE: ' offline'
  •     AVB_STREAM_ERROR:  'AVB stream error'
  •     DANTE_STREAM_ERROR: 'Dante stream err'
  •     SYSTEM_DEVICE_OUTSYS: ' outsys'



Web UI / Qt X software fault messages

Web UI

In the onboard web user interface, faults are shown under the fault status tab while in the system settings menu.

web UI fault status

Qt X Software

In Qt X software, faults are available by selecting an active system, then selecting the device information icon. Faults are shown in the general tab.       

QT X Software Faults View

Fault Messages


Device fault messages

  •     MISSING_DEVICE_CERTIFICATE:  'Unable to load device certificate'
  •     DEVICE_NOT_READY:  'Device not ready to pass audio'
  •     CONFIGURATION_FAILED:  'Device configuration failed'
  •     DEVICE_TEMPERATURE:  'Device exceeded maximum temperature'
  •     FIRE_CONTACT_IN:  'Device emergency mute input contact closed'


System fault messages

  •     SYSTEM_DEVICE_OFFLINE:  'One or more system devices are offline'
  •     AVB_STREAM_ERROR:  'AVB stream error'
  •     DANTE_STREAM_ERROR:  'Dante stream error'
  •     SYSTEM_DEVICE_OUTSYS:  'One or more system devices are out-of-system'



Device logs

Device logs are available to retrieve for reviewing faults, version numbers, or changes to the system. Engineering logs are also available in cases where faults need to be reviewed by support for potential issues. These can be retrieved from hardware via the Qt X software, or web UI of the device.

Web UI

To retrieve logs from a system using the web UI, select device info from the device settings page. This will provide an option to download the event logs from the system as well as engineering logs if requested by support.

Device info page

The event logs are downloaded to your local machine as a .txt file that contains model number, serial, firmware version, as well as any logged events or faults.       


The engineering logs download will create a .zip folder that can be sent to support if needed for deeper fault analysis.


Qt X System Software

To retrieve logs from a system using the Qt X software application, select a system then the event logs icon . You then have the option to download the event logs from the sytem to view in the pop-up window.               


Once downloaded, the event logs of the system are displayed in the window for viewing with the option to export as a .csv file if needed.


To retrieve logs from a system using the Qt X software application, select a system and then the event logs icon. This will present an option to download the event logs from the system to view in the pop-up window.  


The engineering logs are available to save to the default location within the Qt X log files folder, or another location on the host PC as a .zip file.


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