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TAA compliance

Wrench_Bld.pngHow TAA/GSA compliance applies to Cambridge sound masking emitters.


What is TAA?

The 2015 Trade Adjustment Act was enacted to control the impact of imported goods on the US economy. It includes a stipulation that the US government must use products that were either made in the US (or another GSA-designated country) or "substantially transformed" in the US (or another GSA designated country.


What this means for Cambridge products

Biamp's Qt X line is TAA compliant. Additionally, we produce compliant variants of most of our previously released Cambridge products. This includes the QT-100, QT-CRE, QT-300, and QT-600 as well as accessories and mounting brackets. Our sales team can clarify specifics if needed. Our emitters have a TAA variant as well, but only for the Adjustable (passive) emitters at this time. TAA variants are denoted with a GSA prefix before the model number but are functionally identical to their standard versions

Example: The model number GSA-E-A-B-25-4 would describe an emitter bundle of 4 adjustable(passive) emitters including 25-foot cabling, all GSA compliant.


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