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ArmoníaPlus software setup

Biamp’s line of Amplified Loudspeaker Controllers (ALC) offers factory-optimized DSP processing, protective limiting and amplification, as well as signal routing and remote monitoring for virtually any application using our Community family of loudspeakers. The three models (ALC-404D/AN, ALC-1604D/AN ALC-3202D/AN) are programmed, controlled and monitored via the ArmoníaPlus® system manager software.

This article will walk you through the first steps required to get the ALC models loaded and recognized on the network so they can be programmed and commissioned within ArmoníaPlus system manager software. You can find the latest ArmoníaPlus® software at this link.

Once you have ArmoníaPlus installed and running we can verify the network settings and the marketplace downloads.

Network settings

Please confirm that your network settings are “ON” allowing a network connecting to the amplifiers and to the internet via Wi-Fi or wired LAN. To check this, navigate to “Preferences" and then "Communication Manager” from the gear (bottom right) or from the A+ menu at the top left hand corner of the program. This will allow you to confirm that your local network and outside internet connected networks are ON and discoverable in ArmoníaPlus.

IMPORTANT: If there is no internet connection, ArmoníaPlus will not be able to download the ALC amp models or the Biamp/Community Speaker Presets library from the Marketplace downloads which is required for the next step. 


ALC Networking protocol: As a rule of thumb, turn the DHCP server ON before connecting the ALC. Factory default network settings are DHCP/AutoIP. IP addressing of an ALC is established during boot-up: When the amplifier discovers a DHCP server on the network during boot-up, it negotiates the networking parameters. If the ALC does not reveal a DHCP server on the network during boot-up, it sets itself in AUTO IP mode.

Marketplace downloads

In ArmoníaPlus, navigate to the "A+" at top left hand corner of the program to access the drop down menu. Two thirds of the way down you will see More> then select "Marketplace", when selected this will open a new window. On the top of the window there is a search bar, type in "Biamp" and the marketplace will search for all Biamp/Community related downloads. This will allow you to install the three ALC models (404, 1604, 3202) as well as the Community Speaker Presets library. ArmoníaPlus will not recognize the ALC models and they will not be discovered on the network until they are downloaded and installed.

After the installation is complete, you will now be able to add ALC amplifier models and Community loudspeaker models to the Workspace in ArmoníaPlus.

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