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Wide Contemporary Rectangular Church

This system design template describes a typical loudspeaker system for a large multi-function space which could be used for worship, conferences, and other musical events. 

Room design

This large space requires a large array to focus sound over a longer distance. Equally important, the higher directivity minimizes amplified sound striking surfaces other than the audience to preserve music and speech clarity. The Side and Top views below show a main line array of (7) IV6-1122's that provide much of the coverage to the entire space. Two smaller curved arrays of (3) IV6-1122/15's cover the forward left and right audience spaces. Subwoofers are shown flown vertically stacked behind the main array to deliver coherent bass summation and extension. The elevated position consumes less floor space and bass covers more evenly. They can also be distributed evenly along the perimeter of the platform.


Wide Contemporary Rectangular Church - ISO.pngWide Contemporary Rectangular Church - Front/Side Views.png                                                      










Equipment list 

Below is the list of loudspeakers and amplifiers used in this design:

  • 6 - Community IV6-1122/05        IV6 Modular Vertical Array : 12-Inch 2-Way, Nominal Beamwidth (H x V) 1122/05 – 120° x 5°  (Main array)
  • 1  - Community IV6-1122/15         IV6 Modular Vertical Array : 12-Inch 2-Way, Nominal Beamwidth (H x V) 1122/15 – 120° x 15°  (Main array)





  • 4 - Community IV6-118S             IV6 Modular Vertical Array : Single 18-Inch Subwoofer, 37 Hz to 132 Hz, Sensitivity (1W/1m): 102 dB (Deep bass)





  • 6 - Community IV6-1122/15         IV6 Modular Vertical Array : 12-Inch 2-Way, Nominal Beamwidth (H x V) 1122/15 – 120° x 15° (Left/right arrays)


  • 1 - Community ALC-1604D          Amplified Loudspeaker Controller:  4 Channels x 1600W + DSP and Dante (IV6-1122s)
  • 1 - Community ALC-3202D         Amplified Loudspeaker Controller:   2 Channels x 3200W + DSP and Dante (subwoofers)

Amplified Loudspeaker Controllers 

Biamp's line of Community Amplified Loudspeaker Controllers (ALC) are the recommended amplifiers for this application. They offer factory-optimized DSP processing, protective limiting and amplification, as well as signal routing, zone switching, and remote monitoring for virtually any Community loudspeaker application.

Standard Ethernet communication protocols allow for fast system design, system control, and remote system monitoring. Analog and Dante® inputs included in each model are assignable per channel in static or failover/backup configuration, supporting quick and easy integration into any new or existing system. 

Community-authored loudspeaker presets include equalization, high pass filters, and multi-stage limiters tailored to each model, ensuring consistent sound quality and full loudspeaker protection in every application. Additionally, each Community loudspeaker preset includes loudspeaker power and impedance information, allowing the system configuration software to display the total power and impedance of multiple parallel wired loudspeakers, further reducing the time and effort required to match complete loudspeaker systems with the appropriate ALC models and output channel configurations.

In-depth control and monitoring is accomplished via ArmoníaPlus® system manager software.

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