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Step 2: Add Buildings and Floors

Note: A bulding represents one of your office buildings.  Each building can have multiple floors.  You need at least one floor to start adding desks.


  1. Navigate to Buildings on the left hand column of Workplace Admin Center.  

Step 9.PNG


  1. Click on ADD BUILDING button in the top right hand corner of the window.  

Step 10.PNG


  1. You will be presented to fill out the building information.  Add a building name and address. Then select the correct time zone and language settings of your choosing. Lastly apply the correct time format and opening hours of your organization. When complete - press ADD BUILDING

Step 12.PNG


  1. You should get a message indicating that your building has been successfully added.  

Step 13.PNG


  1. Now that the building is added we can proceed to add a floor to our building.  Press the ADD FLOOR button. 

Step 14.PNG


  1. Provide a Name for the floor, and the Level number. Press ADD FLOOR 

Step 15.PNG


  1. You should have got the successful message for your floor, and now see the floor listed in your building. 

Step 16.PNG


Well done, you have added Buildings and Floors!


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