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Step 3: Add Desks

In this section we will cover the steps needed to add desks to the Evoko Workplace.


  1. Click on the chair icon Desks section of your organization in the left pane of the Evoko Workplace window.

  Step 17.PNG


  1. Press the ADD DESK button in the top right corner.  

Step 18.PNG


  1. Provide the Name of the desk, and then designate the Location of this desk based upon your Buildings and Floors.  Press ADD DESK when finished.

  Step 19.PNG


  1. Repeat the previous step for all desks you want to add to this location. The list of desks will grow as you add more.  

Step 20.PNG


  1. Now that you have added desks to your organization you can proceed to claiming your Kleeo devices.


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