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Step 4: Install and connect your Kleeo Devices

In this guide we will install your Kleeo devices on the desks and connect them to corresponding desk name we have added in our organization.


Install Video: How to Install?

Check out the physical install video here: Evoko Kleeo Installation Video


Setup the Desk Booker using the Evoko Workplace Application

Once the devices are installed you can begin the process of setting up the devices.


  1. Plug the Evoko Kleeo Desk Manager into power. The idle screen should look like this for configuration:



  1. Download the Evoko Workplace Application on either Android or iOS.
  2. Once the Evoko Workplace Application is downloaded on your device please log in with the same account you used to create your Workplace Account in Step 1.  In this guide we will be using the Evoko Workplace Application on iOS.
  3. After signing in you should be presented with a screen prompting to select which organization you would like to enter.  All of the organizations your user is a part of will be listed here.  Select the organization that you want to use.



  1. Notice your Organization and Name in the top left hand corner.  Navigate to the gear icon in the bottom right corner.  



  1. This will open the Settings pane.  Navigate to Device Setup which is located under Tools

.File (1).jpg


  1. Under Select Device, Press Kleeo-Desk Manager (The image of the Kleeo Device)

  File (2).jpg


  1. You will now be prompted to enter WiFi Credentials for the Kleeo Desk Manager to use.  Enter the Wifi Name and password for the network.  When done, press the Save and Continue button.

 File (3).jpg


  1. Select which resource (Desk) from the desks you have added in the previous step.  In this guide, we will select Desk 004.

File (5).jpg


  1. After selecting the Desk you will be prompted to move within close proximity to perform a Bluetooth handshake of the configuration from the Mobile App to device. 

File (6).jpg


  1. During this handshake the device will attempt to get on the network with the credentials you applied.  Once the device is on the network it will check for a firmware update, and then download the configuration applied.  If your hand shake was successful you should get an an image that looks like this:

File (7).jpg


  1. After a few minutes, the device should finish the download and show the desk name applied. In this example guide it's Desk 004.




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