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How to factory erase the Evoko Kleeo Desk Manager?

If you need to reconfigure your Kleeo Desk Manager or you are experiencing issues with the device - there is an onboard way to factory reset.

  1.  First you will need to remove the desktop casing from the device.
  2. Place the device face down on a cloth or piece of paper - so the screen does not get scratch.
  3. Locate the hole here in the picture:
    • IMG_2835.JPG
  4. Gently take a paper clip and push into this hole for 5 seconds.  The device lights will flash a white color and the screen should indicate the device is resetting.  Here is a video showing the process in real time.
  5. Once the device is reset, it should look like this
    • IMG_1275.JPG
  6. Once complete the device can be reclaimed by following the claiming process.
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