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How do I setup 802.1x with Evoko Liso?

Instructions for Evoko Home/Liso v2.x

This is how to enable 802.1x authentication on Evoko Home v2.x. Note that we recommend that the Liso(s) are on the same version number as Evoko Home.


  • Make sure both Evoko Home and the Evoko Lisos are running software/firmware version v2.4 or higher.
  • The Lisos should be connected to Evoko Home on an unmanaged (non-802.1x) switch port.
  1. Open Evoko Home, go to the Global Settings and enable 802.1x. Click the save button to save the settings.

2. Go to the Rooms tab and click on the room name of the Liso you would like to configure. Click the Device tab.


3. Click Request CSR from Liso and fill in the details in the form.


Important! This creates a new private key on the Liso. Each time you click the "Request CSR" button, any certificates already generated for this Liso become invalid.

4. Wait for the CSR to be generated, then download the CSR.


5. Use the CSR to generate a certificate for this device using your CA.

Note! The certificates need to be PEM-formatted, base64-encoded x509 certificates.

6. Download and save the file wpa_supplicant.conf. If needed, make any necessary changes to this file according to the requirements of your environment.

7. Click Browse for each of the three files to upload them to Evoko Home.

8. Click the "Send Certificate to Liso" link to upload the files to the Liso device.


9. After the upload is done, reboot the Liso and move it to the managed network.


10. Repeat steps 2-9 for each Liso.


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