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Step 2A-1: Create a Service Account


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Create a Service Account

Please note: You will need Administrator permission to perform these steps in the Microsoft 365 Admin Center.


1. Navigate to the Exchange Admin Center and log in with your Office 365 Admin Account:


2. Navigate to Users -> Active Users



3. Click Add a User



4. You will be prompted to set up the basics for your Service Account. 

  • Any naming scheme can be used, however, Biamp recommends using a name that identifies that this is account is used for the Evoko Liso. 
  • Once the Name, Display Name, and Username have been entered, click Next



5. The service account must have a mailbox, and this requires providing an Exchange Online License. In this guide, we will be applying an Exchange Online.

  • To do so, check the Plan 1 product license option and then press Next

6. There are no optional settings needed.  Press Next

7. Review and Finnish.  If accurate press Finish Adding.



Recommended account setup verification 

Open an incognito browser and navigate to Once there, log into the newly created Service Account’s Mailbox.


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