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Step 3A: Evoko Home Installation on Windows

Evoko Home can be installed on both Windows and Linux (Debian based) servers.  The installation procedure depends on the operating system therefore please select the type of operating system which you will install Evoko Home.

Windows Server Prerequisites 

  • A server running Windows Server 2016 (or later).
  • A static IPv4 address (the Evoko Liso units will point to this IP).
  • Two free and accessible application ports (default HTTP port 3000 and HTTPS port 3002)
  • Access to booking system (e.g. Office 365) over HTTP (port 80) or HTTPS (port 443).
  • Access to NTP server over NTP (port 123 UDP).

Install Evoko Home on a Windows Server

  1. Download the latest version of Evoko Home for Windows to the server. Screenshot_2023-02-27_at_10.30.46_AM.png
  2. You will need to run this installer as an Administrator.  To do so, right click on the downloaded file and click Run as Administrator. Screenshot_2023-02-27_at_10.35.42_AM.png
  3. This will trigger the "single installer" which will help you install correct versions of additional software (e.g. Node.jsMongoDB etc) required to run Evoko Home.  You will want to agree to license agreement and press install. Screenshot_2023-02-27_at_10.40.38_AM.png
  4. Once the installation is finished you will be prompted to finalize the Evoko Home installation wizard.  Press "Next" Screenshot_2023-02-27_at_10.42.32_AM.png
  5. You will be prompted on where you would like the service to be configured.  We recommend keeping the location to the default file path of the C: drive.  Press Next. Screenshot_2023-02-27_at_10.43.19_AM.png
  6. You will then be prompted to input credentials for MongoDB.  This is where all information will be stored regarding your Evoko Home instance.  It is extremely important to document these database values as if they are lost it will be nearly impossible to recover any DB in case a future restore is needed!  After the values are added.
  7. Note!

    DB characters not allowed in Windows: /\."$*'<>:|?  and empty space

    DB characters not allowed in Linux: /\.'"$ and empty space

    The reason for these limitations is the new backup/restore functionality.

  8. Press Next Screenshot_2023-02-27_at_10.46.44_AM.png
  9. Once the values for your database have been input click "Next" and then proceed with "Install" Screenshot_2023-02-27_at_10.47.43_AM.png
  10. Click finish when the installation is complete. Screenshot_2023-02-27_at_10.49.35_AM.png
  11. Once the installation is complete, verify that the service is running underservices.msc 107.png
  12. Look for a service named ERM Service and make sure its status is Running 108.png
  13. If the service is running and no firewall blocking, access Evoko Home via http://localhost:3000 

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