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Liso Home Software Release Notes

This page covers

  • Evoko Liso Home Linux (Server)
  • Evoko Liso Home Windows (Server)
  • Evoko Liso Home Windows Online (Server)
  • Liso Device Reset and Liso Device Upgrade (Tools)

Download link sites

Liso firmware and software download links are available at the following sites:


Liso Home Software



Released May 23, 2024 

New Features:

  • Added support to Evoko Home for Role Based Access Control (RBAC)



Released May 21, 2024 

New Features:

  • None


  • MongoDB updated to 4.4.28/29
  • NodeJS updated to 14.21.3
  • Do not allow part uninstallation thru Windows Control panel.
  • Improved – Liso, Add reason for reboot in logs.
  • Improved – Liso, connection logic with Home (hardening).
  • Improved – Liso, removed structure subscriptions (performance).

Resolved Software Issues:

  • Fix for - Organizer with ampersand is displayed wrongly.
  • Fix for - Inconsistent display of last reboot timestamp.
  • Fix for - User cannot change their password if RFID is enabled.
  • Fix for - MongoDB wrongly downgrades in Linux installer.
  • Fix for - Incorrect statistics, missing statistics, missing details, data mismatch.
  • Fix for - Can not book thru Evoko Booking with only one Liso recently connected to Home.
  • Fix for - Unencrypted and Anonymous SMTP backend throws error with some SMTP servers.
  • Fix for - Import rooms from CSV (gui).
  • Fix for - False offline devices in monitoring.
  • Fix for – Prevent restore of backups made with newer version of Home.
  • Fix for – Home web gui responds wrongly on port 3001.

Resolved Firmware Issues:

  • None


  • Exchange 2013 is unsupported (EOL) from Microsoft, we do not recommend customer to upgrade Evoko Home if they are on EX2013, we cannot guarantee functionality.
  • Domino 9(IBM)/10(HCL) is unsupported (EOL) from HCL, and we currently not supporting HCL versions of Domino, therefore we do not recommend customer to upgrade Evoko Home if they are on Domino, we cannot guarantee functionality.
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