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Workplace Error: "Not Eligible to Book Room"

A user may report an error in the Workplace Application when attempting to book a room.  "Sorry, your account is not linked with the room booking service.  Ask your workplace admin."

Booking Error.PNG

When the M365 configuration was done for the Evoko Naso system there were 2 Security Groups Created:

  1. EvokoNasoUserGroup
  2. EvokoNasoCompanyWebAdmin

To allow users to book in the Evoko Workplace and Admin needs to do the following.

  1. Validate that the user that is trying to book the room has been added to the EvokoNasoUserGroup
  2. Link the Evoko Workplace user to the Booking User
    1. Log into the Evoko Workplace as an Admin
    2. Navigate to the users list in the left hand column.
    3. Select the Evoko Workplace user that you want to link to a Room Booking user.
    4. Enter the email of the user that has been added to the EvokoNasoUserGroup (often it will be the same email). Rooming Booking Email.PNG
    5. Press Save.
    6. That Evoko Workplace user should now be able to book as the corresponding Room Booking Email for the Room.
    7. Repeat this for each user that you would like to have access to book rooms.
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