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Logic Delay Applications in Tesira

Note: This is a draft article. It is still in the process of being written, and therefore may not be complete or 100% accurate. Please keep this in mind while reading and using the information in this article. We should be done soon!


This article describes the function of the logic delay objects.

Logic states

ON Delays


The ON delay is a time-based test which acts in the same manner as a threshold does for an audio signal.

If the duration of a logic high exceeds the ON delay time then the Delay gate will let the signal pass. If the logic high does not persist for a time equal to or greater than the ON delay's user defined duration then the Delay gate will not pass the logic signal at all.

The pulse passed by the gate will end when the logic signal goes low, the gate will not extend the duration of the pulse.


ON Delays.PNG

OFF Delays

The OFF delay adds a user-defined amount of time to the duration of any logic high.

The defined OFF delay timer will begin running when the original logic pulse goes low. 


Delays placed in series

placed in series.PNG

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