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Activate Tesira software on highly secure computers

In many secure installations, Tesira and BIAMP Canvas software cannot activate, showing an unspecified error when the 'Activate' button is hit.  Editing a local security policy should allow the activation to work on these machines.

Open Administrative Tools

Click on the Windows Control Panel and choose Administrative Tools.  Click on the Local Security Policy item in the list.

Local Security Policy.JPG

Expand the Local Policies item and click on the Security Options area.  On the right, double-click the following item:

System cryptography:  Use FIPS compliant algorithms for encryption, hashing and signaling.System Cartography.JPG

Make sure the key is set to 'Disabled".Disable Key.JPG

Once this item is disabled, Tesira and BIAMP Canvas should activate on the machine.  The key can be re-enabled after the activation is complete.


Firewall Exception Approach

This method will likely be useful on lower security sites but is worth documenting none the less.

Request that the Firewall/IT Administrator open port 443 and add the following address to the firewall exceptions list:

(Please note that this information was provided to an end user and we have not recieved confirmation that it allowed software activation.  If you experience a confirmed case, please update this note accordingly)

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