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Pakedge AVB Switch Configuration Knowledgebase

Note: This is a draft article. It is still in the process of being written, and therefore may not be complete or 100% accurate. Please keep this in mind while reading and using the information in this article. We should be done soon!

Select models of the Control4/Pakedge S3-Series are AVNu certified and AVB-enabled. AVB licensure is included with the switch firmware at purchase or with firmware update. These product offerings are purchased through certified Control4/Pakedge partners and for that reason, the Pakedge Knowledgbase is restricted to certified partners. This article will provide select Quick Reference articles from the Pakedge Knowledgebase to aid configuration for AVB use. Before we go much further, it may be helpful to know the default management address and credentials:

Username: Pakedge

Password: Pakedges

Further support

If additional support is needed, please contact Biamp support, Pakedge support or your certified Pakedge dealer.

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