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STC-2 or FORTE TI - Call Monitoring

A question arose about the purpose of the Call Monitoring option under the TI Control/Status Properties window.

The Call Monitoring setting should be enabled if a handset is connected in addition to the phone line.  It basically changes the monitoring tolerances used to indicate a line fault.  If there is not a handset connected, and Call Monitoring is disabled, a fault condition will be triggered.

The STC-2 card has four total jacks; two are assigned to each phone line in the card.  This follows the approach that was used on the AudiaFLEX TI-2 card.  However, when we look at the TesiraFORTE TI, we find that only a single RJ-11 jack is provided.  This is likely due to the fact that most installations will not need a locally connected handset.  If the local handset is required, an inexpensive RJ-11 splitter can be utilized.

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