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Modena firmware release notes

This article provides details of Modena firmware revisions.

Modena firmware


Released March 2022

Resolved Software Issues:

  • Added "Reset USB connection after each session" and “Reboot hub on USB connection” options in the admin/USB page, to ensure broader compatibility with USB devices (default value Auto: the reset or reboot is performed only with devices that are known to require it)
  • Fixed background set to URL causing unexpected disconnection of the Welcome Screen page
  • Implemented full compatibility with Parlé SBC 2 conferencing speaker bar, Vidi 250 camera, Huddly IQ camera
  • Reduced initialization sound when a Devio unit is connected


Released October 2021

Resolved Software Issues:

  • Fixed Modena Server locking in unresponsive state
  • Fixed internal crash due to increased memory usage
  • Fixed deadlock when multiple hubs reboot and change IP on DHCP
  • Fixed weather widget not showing in welcome screen
  • Updated internal JQuery library
  • Hidden “Share Audio” on Chromium-based browsers if the BSDP is connected
  • HDMI output resolution now defaults to manual / 1080p
  • “Reboot on HDMI” option now defaults to False
  • “Audio on Presentation only” now defaults to False
  • Improved and optimized internal logs
  • Fixed links to online help


Released April 2021


  • Added the option to send audio to the USB speakers only when a user is presenting.
    With previous versions, audio was always sent on the Modena-connected speakers as soon as a user was connected to a session, even when not presenting.

    • Setting: Modena web admin > USB > “Play audio on speaker only when presenting”

    • Default: True (audio only during presentation)

  • Added an optional boot delay at startup. This delay ensures Modena starts only after other USB devices with a longer startup time, as Modena should always be the last device to boot up.

    • Setting: Modena web admin -> Advanced -> “Additional delay when switching on the system”

    • Default: 0 (no delay)

  • Added an automatic unit reboot when a new HDMI display is connected or switched on, to ensure maximum compatibility.

    • Setting: Modena web admin -> HDMI -> “Reboot hub on HDMI connection”

    • Default: True (reboot on HDMI change)

Resolved Software Issues:

  • Fixed pixelation/artifacts when presenting from the Web browser app


Released February 2021


  • "TV" mode is now known as "Room" mode

Resolved Software Issues:

  • Fixed issue where USB device speaker level is not retained correctly
  • Fixed issue that can cause Welcome page to crash


Released November 2020

New Features:

  • Added support for 802.1x network authentication protocol


  • Full compatibility with Biamp Devio SCR-20/25, TesiraFORTÉ, and Tesira EX-UBT
  • Improved compatibility with third-party USB devices
  • Removed USB 2.0/3.0 selection (USB 3.0 is always used)
  • Selecting USB device or adjusting volume on the configuration page now occurs in real-time (no need to apply changes)
  • Moved “Operation Mode” settings from Advanced to Room admin page
  • Changed maximum number of participants and presenters in operation modes
  • Added unit model and firmware version to welcome screen
  • Added Auditorium and Multicam icons in the web app room list

Resolved Software Issues:

  • Fixed issue that prevented room name changes in Modena Server
  • Fixed issue with numbers 0 and 255 at the end of IP addresses
  • Fixed message about maximum number of participants in web app


Released September 2020

New Features:

  • None


  • None

Resolved Software Issues:

  • Fixed custom images loading for the Welcome Screen

Released August 2020

New Features:

  • None


  • General rebranding from “HRT Huddle Hub” to “Biamp Modena”
  • Possibility to save/load configuration settings
  • New reboot scheduling system
  • Added possibility to ignore the power-off button
  • USB 2.0 used as default, for improved compatibility
  • New troubleshooting options:
    • Added a Check network connection button
    • Added a Speaker, microphone, and camera test
    • iPerf3 server available for network bandwidth measurement
    • Added the possibility to preview the welcome page in the browser

Resolved Software Issues:

  • Fixed CPU high usage when web admin pages are open
  • Fixed Default button settings not working in admin room pages
  • Fixed weather widget not updating after system reset
  • Fixed compatibility with Logitech ConferenceCam
  • Fixed compatibility with Marshall CV610-U3W-V2 cameras
  • Fixed automatic app updates when firmware is updated
  • A warning is shown when AP is enabled in Meeting operating mode

Known Issues:

  • Low audio quality from microphone, when Modena is connected to Devio SCR-20/25, Tesira EX-UBT, Crestron UC SB1, and Yamaha CS-700
  • Reduced framerate when presenting from Firefox on MacOS
Please note that releases prior to were made available under the HRT brand.

  • Added the possibility to control the Wifi transmission power
  • Added compatibility with Behringer U-Phoria UM2 audio device
  • Removed Station mode from network wifi connections, to ensure best network performances
  • When updating to a new major version, the onboard Apps now update automatically
  • Minor bug fixes

IMPORTANT: Version 4.0 unifies all existing Huddle Hub One SRE (Single Room Edition) and Huddle Hub One MRE (Multi Room Edition) units into a single Huddle Hub product. On Huddle Hub One MRE units this update can only be installed manually.

  • Added compatibility with Behringer U-Phoria UM2 audio device
  • Huddle Hub SRE units can now upgrade to version 4.0 from the admin configuration pages 
  • Minor bug fixes

  • Fixed Web App bug when switching presenters within Chrome browsers
  • Fixed broken transitions with image slideshow on the welcome page
  • Fixed seldom pixelation/artifacts on web browser presentation

  • HDMI-sleep implemented also when "passcode for the first user" is enabled
  • Fixed bug on weather widget when the NTP server is not reachable
  • Fixed bug on setting primary hub IP address

  • Web App: fixed a bug that prevented presentations in Smart Rooms
  • Web App: fixed an issue on sending audio to Android devices


New major release:

  • Stand-alone Wireless USB drivers (use the Wireless USB feature with just the browser+drivers, no need to install any app)
  • Custom HTTPS certificates (secure the connection with your custom certificate and avoid the warning from the browser)
  • Updates scheduler
  • HDMI sleep mode (option to turn HDMI off when session is not running)
  • Support for Proxy server
  • Custom NTP server
  • Install app and drivers with a single setup
  • Select the room and start presenting with the same click
  • New status bar that shows the number of connected users
  • Improved audio compatibility on peripherals
  • Support for large Android tablets
  • Better website compatibility on URL welcome screen

  • Web App: fixed issue on Smart Rooms presentation from Chrome
  • Web App: fixed issue on presentation from different subnets

  • Fixed an issue when presenting from iOS devices

  • Web App: improved keyframe handling on slow/poor bandwidth networks
  • Web App: fixed a bug on entering main room after disconnecting from a smart room
  • Web App: fixed a possible hang after closing a session on Chrome browsers
  • Added optional flag to skip double confirmation after changing hub settings
  • Minor bug fixes

  • Static non-private address for ethernet and wifi station interface are now allowed
  • Fixed USB device choice menu bug
  • Fixed a bug that appeared when switching presenter in the Web App

  • Languages update 
  • Fixed weather widget location bug
  • Fixed bug with Edge browser tabs
  • Internal bug fixing

  • Front-end improvements
  • Fixed bug on "check for updates"
  • Changed some default settings
  • Show room name and passcode in Seb App browser title


New major release:

  • New Web Client (present and receive directly from the browser, no app installation required)
  • Increased number of Smart Rooms (3 additional virtual rooms, for a total of 1+6 rooms)
  • New "operating mode" setting (huddle room / meeting room / auditorium)
  • Improved presentation quality
  • Improved Wireless Camera features
  • Improved Wireless Camera devices compatibility
  • Full support for personal rooms
  • Mic/speakers settable sound level
  • Improved USB 2.0/3.0 compatibility 
  • New web admin and management system

  • Support for “Personal Rooms”, rooms that are always reserved for users or users groups
  • Added possibility to force a USB 2.0 connection
  • Added support for Panacast cameras
  • Improved automatic choice of audio and video devices
  • Improved the Hub logging system, for troubleshooting
  • Fixed bug on manually setting the TV resolution

  • Added support for Microsoft cameras
  • Fixed bug on showing the time, when time server couldn't be reached
  • Fixed possible crash with welcome screen slideshow
  • Fixed bug on USB devices names in web admin

  • Smoother start of presentations
  • Support for more webcam models in the Wireless Camera feature
  • Zoom feature (up to 200%) for better welcome page URLs visualization
  • Adjustments to the web admin interface

  • Fixed minor bug on presentation

  • Added the possibility to select Mic / Speaker / Webcam when more than one source is available
  • Presentation and webcam parameters optimized

  • Fixed a possible connectivity issue with some specific webcams
  • Fixed an issue with display rotation on iPad

New major release:

Hub features

  • Turn any webcam into a Wireless camera (with full AV support)
  • Up to 6 concurrent presenters
  • Up to 150 participants per room
  • Quality parameters selection

Desktop and mobile apps

  • Smoother presentation on Windows (8 and 10) and MacOS
  • Improved quality and layout of iOS and Android presentations on HDMI TV
  • Presentation from inside the iOS app (iOS 12)
  • Consistent experience between mobile and desktop clients
  • Powerful auto-search and room list filter
  • New single file setup with launch/install option, without the need for admin rights
  • Easier driver installation (from within the app at any time, with admin rights)
  • New web interface

Networking and Security

  • Independent dual network configuration (simultaneous use of wireless “station” mode and wired interface, for maximum separation between guests and corporate users)
  • Internet access for guest users, when using the HHO+ as an access point
  • Passcode for the first user in the room
  • Multi-hub admin configuration
  • Hub advanced discovery on network (for complex networks, with subnets)

Redesigned HDMI welcome screen

  • More customization possibilities
  • Photographic backgrounds with slideshow capabilities
  • Weather widget
  • Basic digital signage support (via URL)

  • fixed quality and resize bugs in when presenting from iOS and Android devices

  • improved webcam video quality with higher bitrate
  • fixed bug that caused delay when presenting on a 4K TV
  • added and updated WiFi country settings (HHO+)

  • several minor bug fixes on presentation

  • better compatibility with different TV resolution

  • increased TV output resolution to 4K

  • improved browsers backward compatibility
  • improved compatibility with older iOS systems
  • improved web viewer responsive design


New major release:

  • Up to 4 concurrent sessions per Huddle Hub unit
  • Up to 64 connected users in each session
  • Up to 4 presentations on the screen at the same time
  • Present and receive your screen also with iOS
  • Receive the presentation on any web browser, no installation required
  • Receive the presentation on Android smart TV
  • New 1-click user interface
  • Customizable welcome screen


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