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Welcome to the Technical Documents Librarian. This is an experimental LLM AI that can help you find and summarize information contained in Biamp's technical documentation. This includes:

  • Cornerstone tech support articles for systems integration, room designs, advanced applications, troubleshooting, and more.
  • User manuals for hardware installation and setup information.
  • Software help systems for information on using Biamp software products such as the Tesira Design Software and Project Manager.
  • Datasheets with product specifications, features, and functions. 

The bot is updated quarterly to add new manuals and Cornerstone articles as well as updated versions of existing manuals and articles.


Accuracy and relevance

The experimental Librarian is intended to provide you with links to and summaries of information in our technical document libraries. It is an LLM AI. If you ask it “how to” questions or for descriptions of Biamp products it will sometimes mix in non-relevant information from different product types. It can also be creative to the point of inaccuracy, especially if you ask short or incomplete questions that do not provide enough context or specificity regarding products or procedures. Some of the documents it uses when answering questions are from companies that were acquired by Biamp, so, warranty, return, and shipping information in its answers may be out of date and will not be honored. Always verify information in the Librarian's replies by clicking on the provided links to technical documents and official Biamp web pages or in the citation block at the end of each answer.

Again, this experimental LLM AI chat system is only intended to provide links to documents and summaries of the information in those documents.


Best practices

Observing the following increases the chances of the Librarian providing you with access to accurate and useful technical information.

  • Use complete sentences.
  • Think of the librarian as a professional who has never set foot outside of a library.
    • It's memorized a large volume of audiovisual system documents and is eager to share its knowledge with you.
    • It will not always understand the application of that knowledge or its relevancies in the real world.
  • Using AV industry terminology and phrasing questions as though speaking with an audiovisual technology professional seems to improve the Librarian's performance.
    • It draws its answers from a body of AV technical documents written by AV professionals, so this doesn't come as a total surprise.
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