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How to disable automatic USB disconnects in Windows


This article covers disabling automatic USB device disconnections on Windows machines to stop USB-connected mics or cameras from dropping midway through a call or UC meeting such as MS Teams or Zoom.


USB power settings

Windows power management can be set to automatically disconnect USB devices after set intervals. This is intended to save energy and reduce wear on the computer's power supply or battery.


How to disable the setting

  1. Navigate to the Power and Sleep settings window (from either the Control Panel or from Windows Search)
  2. Choose Additional Power Settings
  3. Click Change Power Plan Settings
  4. Click Change power settings on the selected power plan of your choice
  5. Choose change advanced power settings
  6. From the pop-up window, expand the USB Settings option
  7. Expand the USB Selective Suspend settings
  8. Select Disabled from the drop-down menu and select OK
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