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VenueTune Software Release Notes

The most recent VenueTune release can be downloaded on the Downloads page.



Release Date: July 2024

New Features:

  •  New additions to the library of ALAMOS Loudspeaker Profiles.
  • New User Loudspeaker tab in the Add Loudspeaker dialog.


  • More responsive audio meters
  •  Improved performance of “Mute All” functionality.

Resolved Software Issues:

  • Resolved issue where output mute state was incorrect and unresponsive after linking.
  • Resolved issue where a fault message was not cleared in Health section of the Configuration panel or Status section on Control bar.
  • Resolved issue when an invalid subnet mask was entered in the Subnet Mask field of an IP Address and no error was displayed.
  • Resolved issue where incorrect LED color displayed on amplifier and speaker blocks after successful linking.
  • Resolved issue where a blank name can be entered for groups, speakers, and amplifiers in its Configuration panel.
  • Resolved issue where a group name could be more than 32 characters in Group configuration.
  • Resolved issue where the group name on the Group block is displayed in full instead of being truncated.
  • Resolved issue where the Dynamic Power Shading value is displayed with excessive decimal places when it is less than 1.
  • Resolved issue where new Group block could not be placed in the location of a previous deleted group.
  • Resolved issue where after matching, the Power Shading value on Amplifier block is different to the Speaker block.
  • Resolved issue where an error message is displayed preventing the adjustment of the gain to any new value.
  • Resolved issue where double click was required to open contextual button dropdowns menus.
  • Resolved issue where importing an unsupported image format shows no warning message.
  • Resolved issue where after pressing enter once or twice, the contextual button gets a red counter, the entered IP address is cleared, and "Set IP address" is displayed again.
  • Resolved issue where Optimize Phase Settings not sent to the amplifier when matching a speaker while online.
  • Resolved issue where display issues at manufacturer-recommended scaling settings.

Known Issues:

  •  New Project File format prevents project files from VenueTune 1.0.0 from being opened.  Project files will need to be re-created in 1.1.0.
  • The amplifier remains selected and cannot be deselected by double-clicking or clicking on empty space in the Match action.
  • Pressing F1 while using any drop-down feature opens the last accessed phase in the Help page instead of the correct help section.





Release Date: June 2024

 New Features:

  • First public release of VenueTune.
  • VenueTune Software provides in-depth control of Voltera D amplifiers through an intuitive graphical interface, which uses simple 2D floorplans and a phased workflow to guide system designers and installers.
  • Support is included for the following Voltera D Amplified Loudspeaker Controllers:
    • Voltera D 1200.4
    • Voltera D 1200.8
    • Voltera D 2400.4
    • Voltera D 2400.8








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