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Parlé ceiling microphone installation options

This article describes the available options and accessories for installing the TCM-X, TCM-XA, and TCM-XEX microphones.

Standard installation

The TCM-X microphones include a mounting washer and nut to allow the unit to be installed directly in a suspended ceiling tile grid. The TCM-X and TCM-XA plenum boxes comply with UL-2043 for installation in plenum spaces.


The plenum box includes a mounting hole to attach a seismic cable (purchased separately) to allow for securing the device to the support structure.


TCM-X-DK Drywall Ceiling Plenum Attachment

The TCM-X-DK attachment is used to install the TCM-X microphone in locations where access to the back is limited which prohibits installing the retaining nut to the back of the unit or locations with more stringent code requirements. This includes finished drywall, hardwood, or metal finished ceilings or situations where the unit must be installed in an electrical box.


Option 1 shows the adapter plate attached directly to a 4in x 4in x 3in box without a trim ring. In situations where the mounting depth is greater or sealed airspace is required, an optional trim ring must be used as shown in Option 2.


NOTE: For compliance with code requirements in the City of Chicago, the TCM-X and TCM-XEX microphones can be installed using the items listed below:

Garvin 52181-SVT - 4 Square Chicago Plenum Air Tight Junction Box

Garvin 72Cxx - 4-11/16 Two Gang Device Ring (Select appropriated size to correspond with material thickness)

TB-1 Ceiling Tile Bridge

The optional TB-1 is used in several configurations to mount the plenum box and ceiling microphone above ceiling tiles where additional support is required.

The bridge and mounting clips can be used to support the plenum box while the microphone remains supported in the ceiling tile as shown below.


The included clips can be used alone to attach the plenum box to the ceiling support grid.


The slots in the base of the bridge are sufficiently sized to allow securing the microphone to the mount using the included mounting nut.



BPAK Backpack Clip Kit 

The TCM-X and TCM-XA can be mounted to the top of a C-IC6 in a "backpack" style using the BPAK Backpack Clip Kit which includes an optional cover for protecting connections at both the amplifier and loudspeaker. The BPAK is also compatible with the AMP-450BP and AMP-450P.


* Illustrations show assembly using the AMP-450BP. Assembly using the TCM-X or TCM-XA is identical.

Plenum box mounting options

The TCM-X and TCM-XA plenum boxes can be mounted in a third-party box when required by local municipal codes. The TCM-X and TCM-XA plenum box measures 7.7 in x 5.2 in x 1.2 in (196 mm x 132 mm x 30 mm) and must be mounted in an enclosure that provides sufficient cable clearance. A box with minimum internal dimensions of 10 in x 8 in x 6 in (254 mm x 203 mm x 152 mm) is recommended. The following items from Hammond Manufacturing are sufficiently sized to house the plenum box.

Hammond HJ1086HLP - N4, 12 J Box Hinged - 10 in x 8 in x 6 in - Steel/Gray

Hammond 14R0907 - 14 gauge steel panel - 8.75 in x 6.88 in (Inner panel for HJ1086HLP for mounting the TCM-X and TCM-XA plenum box)

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