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Conference Room Designer release notes

This article provides details of Conference Room Designer revisions.


Released April 2021

New Features:

  • Added the ability to request a quote directly from the Design Tool
  • Provided the option to add, delete, and move microphones and speakers in a room
  • Introduced a method to simulate how a microphone will sound like at any given point in a room
  • Added the ability to duplicate a room in a design
  • Added the ability to select between the Devio and Tesira product families
  • Added the option to view equipment recommendations from the main design page
  • Included the ability to save and export a project as a template (shift + save)


  • Introduced the capability to move ceiling tiles without reducing the tile cover in the room
  • Added support for the following Biamp products:
    • Tesira FORTE X400, X800, X1600
    • Devio SCX400, SCX800
  • Updated the tutorial to reflect new feature additions
  • Decluttered the room drawing area
  • Modified the mechanism for quickly adding microphones to the default recommendation by reflecting more or less coverage density

Resolved Issues:

  • Resolved an issue with the smoothness of the table rotation
  • Fixed an issue where the exported PDF’s date was showing time and time zone
  • Resolved a rounding issue when using imperial units


Initial release, October 2020



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