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Project Designer release notes

This article provides details of Biamp Project Designer Software revisions.


Released January 2022

New Features:

  • Biamp Tesira control plugin


  • Added TanGo and Alfa II name change option in properties window
  • Replaced settings button for AMP-D225H, PM4100, Neets DelTa, with help text

Resolved Issues:

  • Resolved issue with Uniform control pads becoming unresponsive after USB upload
  • Resolved several issues with Live monitoring including:
    • Device data not being displayed on right click
    • Uniform control pad device data not displayed as expected
    • Device data not received when monitoring LAN connection
    • Monitoring becoming unresponsive
  • Resolved issue where Update Background is displayed white on some controllers when using dark theme
  • Resolved issue where volume delay gets set to 100 seconds when adding to project
  • Resolved issue with KNX license while uploading
  • Updated URL for KNX license
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