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Project Designer release notes

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Released July 2024

New Features 

  • Adds driver support for SSH – Customize .dvc files to control devices via SSH.  
    • Requires Apprimo Touch 8i, Impera Tango RevB, or UniForm RevB  
  • Adds “Open Apprimo settings” button behavior to Project Designer  
    • Quickly access Apprimo 4/7/10 or Apprimo Touch 8i settings from the touch screen via a standard button action 
    • Biamp Control 1.6.7 required on Apprimo Touch 4/7/10 
  • Secure control of Tesira through SSH 
    • Tesira can now be controlled when Secure Device has been set in the Tesira software 
  • Updated Tesira support means more reliable and faster-than-ever control of Tesira systems.  
    • Use Tesira blocks that support subscriptions, such as Level Control Blocks, to gain instantaneous feedback to and from the Tesira 

Resolved Issues: 

  • Fixed: Apprimo Touch 8i may display incorrect system state after reboot.  
  • Fixed: Tango GUI may not sync with Tesira after restarting. 
  • Fixed: Project Designer may not scale correctly after being minimized and restored. 
  • Fixed: Project Designer may close unexpectedly when loading a malformed driver. 
  • Fixed: Project Designer title bar may not display correctly. 
  • Fixed: Project Designer may not render correctly at some Windows scaling values. 
  • Fixed: Live Monitoring may stop unexpectedly. 
  • Fixed: PM4100 may ignore power on messages after power off.  
  • Fixed: UDP feedback may not work on Tango, Uniform, or Apprimo Touch 8i. 
  • Fixed: Feedback items may not clear on delete. 
  • Fixed: Live Monitoring status may not update correctly after removing devices. 
  • Fixed: ClickShare data may not appear in Live Monitoring.  
  • Fixed: Linked sliders may lose sync. 
  • Fixed: Button release times can be set to negative values. 
  • Fixed: Unclear message may appear when deleting a button with attached functionality. 
  • Fixed: System name may be truncated in upload project view. 
  • Fixed: Copy/Paste slider values may cause project upload to fail. 
  • Fixed: Feedback from channels 7 and 8 may be missing when using a Tesira driver. 
  • Fixed: Slider values may change unexpectedly when using a Tesira driver. 

Known Issues 

  • Installation .msi appears unsigned and from unknown publisher and requires user approval once Project Designer or Device Editor installer is running. 
  • Tesira blocks that do not support subscriptions may not update if changed from outside the control system 


  • Remote support controls have been removed. 



Released February 2024

Resolved Issues

  • Resolves an issue which could prevent Apprimo 8i firmware from updating when connected to Project Designer 1.35.2




Released January 2024

Resolved Issues

  • Resolved issue that could prevent Impera Connect-X from connecting with Impera Uniform.
  • Resolved issue that could cause Impera devices to fail when controlling a PM4100 using RS-232.
  • Resolved issue that could cause an exception in the device indexer.
  • Resolved issue that could display a browser error when first accessing the web view for a configured device.
  • Resolved issue that could cause an error message when editing Impera Uniform interfaces.
  • Resolved issue that could cause project upload to fail if the ‘upload project file’ option is deselected during upload.
  • Resolved issue that could prevent some level or mute values from synchronizing with Tesira.
  • Resolved issue that could prevent Apprimo 8i from switching between interfaces.
  • Resolved issue where strings sent to a touch panel may not display correctly.
  • Resolved issue that could prevent user interfaces from displaying when using multiple Impera Uniform control pads as extension devices.
  • Resolved issue that could cause application instability if an invalid range is set on a Tesira Level block.
  • Resolved issue where button appearance changes could affect LED strip status.
  • Resolved issue that could prevent configuration of LED strips in systems with more than one Apprimo 8i devices.
  • Resolved issue that could cause the compiler to fail with some Tesira feedback configurations.
  • Resolved issue that could cause an incorrect Epson projector device driver to load after closing and re-opening a saved file.
  • Resolved issue which could cause Auto Feedback to behave incorrectly for Tesira Level and Mute blocks.
  • Resolved issue which could cause user-configured delays between commands to display incorrectly in live monitoring.
  • Resolved issue with Samsung display device drivers that could cause incorrect behavior.
  • Resolved issue messaging with supported device types when adding a Clickshare CSE-200 to a project.
  • Resolved issue that could cause the application to freeze when a device connection is lost during live monitoring.




Released December 2023

Resolved Firmware Issues

  • Resolved issue where Apprimo Touch 8i and Tango systems may not control multiple Tesira devices after they are power cycled.
  • Resolved issue where Apprimo Touch 8i could lose connection to Tesira devices after an indetermined period of time.
  • Resolved issue where Apprimo Touch 8i may take longer than expected to assign a static IP address.
  • Resolved issue where Apprimo Touch 8i reverts to loaded project's IP settings after manually configuring the IP on the 8i and rebooting.
  • Resolved issue where Apprimo Touch 8i may be unable to be set to use static IP address when connected to a Tango controller.




Released October 2023

New Features

  • Added Microsoft Teams Room (MTR) template and theme for Tango to be used with Biamp UC, a plugin for MTR.
  • Added support in Apprimo 8i to be hosted by Tango.


  • Added support for the following for Tango Rev B features:
    • Native Expansion Bus (NEB)
    • IR learning
    • Improved the reliability of Live monitoring feature in Rev A products.
    • Custom I/O keypad devices

Resolved Project Designer Software Issues

  • Resolved issue where Project Designer did not report an error if unable to set the IP address for a Connect-X MP6.
  • Improved Live Monitoring performance.

Resolved Firmware Issues

  • Resolved issue where sometimes when Uniform is used an extension device, its display gets overwritten with the default extension display.
  • Resolved issue that prevented a controller being a TCP server.
  • Resolved issue for Impera products failing to obtain an IP address from a DHCP server or use link-local addressing.



Released August 2023 

New Features

  • Users can now assign button or feedback actions to change LED states on Apprimo Touch 8i control panels.


  • Increased support to a maximum of eight Apprimo Touch 8i control panels in a project.

Resolved Issues

  • Resolved possible connection issues between Apprimo touch panels and Impera Tango.
  • Resolved issue where text and icons are misaligned when scaling buttons.
  • Resolved header and search text color visibility in dark mode.
  • Resolved issues with live monitoring when using Apprimo Touch 8i.
  • Resolved issue where Apprimo Touch 8i may become unresponsive after setting a static IP address.
  • Resolved issue when enlarging buttons in Project Designer, the changes are not reflected on the Apprimo touch panels when loaded.
  • Resolved issue where double-clicking to open a project to resulted in a Windows configuration popup message is displayed.




Released June 2023


  • Added support for Impera Connect-X MP6.

Resolved Issues

  • Improved connection issue between Apprimo touch panels and Impera Tango after extended periods of Impera Tango being operational.

Known Issues

  • Updating firmware for Impera Connect-X MP6 using USB will result in the LAN settings being cleared back to using DHCP. To work around this issue, upload the project again to restore the LAN settings.
  • A single instance of Apprimo Touch 8i is supported per project. The option to add a maximum of eight per project will be added in upcoming firmware release.



Released April 2023


  • Added support for Impera Tango Rev B 
  • Updated Impera controllers to support iOS 15 and 16 protocol changes that affected screen updates.

Known Issues

  • IR learning option for Rev. B Tango not yet implemented; this option will be added in upcoming FW release
  • Expansion Bus (NEB) not yet implemented for the Rev. B Tango; this feature will be added in upcoming FW release

Bug Fixes

  • Removed debug data being sent out on RS232 port 1 when using level control feedback.
  • Fixed a volume control problem with Impera Apprimo 8i when controlling a Tesira system.
  • Fixed missing manually configured feedback problem in Project Designer when reopening a project file.
  • Fixed a problem where up and down screen control commands had no delay between them.



Released February 2023


  • Extended support for the Impera Uniform Rev B keypads
  • Extended support for the Apprimo Touch 8i Control Panels

Resolved Firmware Issues:

  • Resolved issues where touch panel cache wasn’t cleared when loading projects



Released January 2022

New Features:

  • Biamp Tesira control plugin


  • Added TanGo and Alfa II name change option in properties window
  • Replaced settings button for AMP-D225H, PM4100, Neets DelTa, with help text

Resolved Issues:

  • Resolved issue with Uniform control pads becoming unresponsive after USB upload
  • Resolved several issues with Live monitoring including:
    • Device data not being displayed on right click
    • Uniform control pad device data not displayed as expected
    • Device data not received when monitoring LAN connection
    • Monitoring becoming unresponsive
  • Resolved issue where Update Background is displayed white on some controllers when using dark theme
  • Resolved issue where volume delay gets set to 100 seconds when adding to project
  • Resolved issue with KNX license while uploading
  • Updated URL for KNX license
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