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Tesira TTP fault responses

This article lists the possible Tesira fault IDs and their descriptions received in response to the command: "DEVICE get activeFaultList" sent to a Tesira server class device via a serial or Telnet session. 

Fault list

Severity Fault ID Fault Description Fault ID No.
Major FAULT_EXPANDER_NOT_PRESENT Expander device (<hostname>) not found 108
Major FAULT_AEC_CARD Unable to communicate with an AEC card 14
Major FAULT_AMP_CHANNEL Amp channel <channel> is faulted 129
Major FAULT_AMP_DC_PROTECT Amp detected DC voltage on channel <channel> 127
Major FAULT_AMP_POWER_CHANNEL Amp channel <channel> too much power 125
Major FAULT_AMP_POWER_DEVICE Amp device too much power 126
Major FAULT_AMP_SHORT_CIRCUIT Amp detected short circuit on channel <channel> 128
Major FAULT_AMP_TEMP_CHANNEL Amp channel <channel> too hot 123
Major FAULT_AMP_TEMP_DEVICE Amp device too hot 124
Major FAULT_AMP_TEMP_PSU Amp PSU too hot 122
Major FAULT_ANC_CARD Unable to communicate with an ANC card 15
Major FAULT_VOIP_CARD_ADDRESS_CONFLICT IP Address Conflict on a VoIP card                46
Major FAULT_VOIP_CARD Unable to communicate with a VoIP card 13
Major FAULT_AVB_CARD Unable to communicate with an AVB card 8
Major FAULT_AVB_STREAM_INACTIVE One or more AVB streams inactive 73
Major FAULT_COBRANET_CARD Unable to communicate with a CobraNet card 16
Major FAULT_DAN1_CANT_SYNC_TO_BACKPLANE Dante card in slot <card slot> failed to sync clock to backplane 90
Major FAULT_DAN1_CARD Unable to communicate with the Dante card in slot <card slot> 84
Major FAULT_VIDEO_OUTPUT_CARD Unable to communicate with output video card 120
Major FAULT_VIDEO_INPUT_CARD  Unable to communicate with input video card 119
Major FAULT_USB_CARD Unable to communicate with the USB interface 88
Major FAULT_DAN1_DEVICE_NOT_CONNECTED Dante Block <block name> has unconnected channel(s) 144
Major FAULT_DAN1_DEVICE_NOT_FOUND Inactive Dante flow for device <block name> 145
Major FAULT_DAN1_LINKDOWN Dante card in slot <card slot> has all links down 85
Major FAULT_DAN1_MUTED DAN1 card audio muted 96
Major FAULT_TICARD Unable to communicate with the telephone interface card in slot <card slot> 5
Major FAULT_DANTE_FLOW_INACTIVE one or more Dante flows inactive 86
Major FAULT_DEVICE_NEEDS_RECOVERY Device needs recovery from fatal error or firmware update failure 97
Major FAULT_DSP_APP_SLOT DSP Application error on card in slot <card slot> 80
Major FAULT_DSP_CARD One or more DSP cards failed to boot 17
Major FAULT_DSP_CARD_SLOT Unable to communicate with the DSP card in slot <card slot> 79
Major FAULT_TFPGA_OUT_OF_DATE Device requires FPGA update 98
Major FAULT_EXPANDER_FW_UPDATE Expander device (<hostname>) failed firmware update 109
Major FAULT_SWITCHABLE_AVB_STREAM_INACTIVE Switchable AVB stream <stream info> inactive 130
Major FAULT_EXPANDER_HW_INCOMPATIBLE Expander device (<hostname>) is incompatible 112
Major FAULT_EXPANDER_MAJOR_FAULT_IN_DEVICE Expander device (<hostname>) has major fault 117
Major FAULT_SPORT_SWITCH_TX_FIFO_UNDERFLOW Card in slot <card slot> encountered media buffer underflow 141
Major FAULT_AMP_CARD Unable to communicate with amplifier card 121
Major FAULT_EXPANDER_UNABLE_TO_COMMUNICATE Unable to communicate with expander device (<hostname>) 111
Major FAULT_SPORT_SWITCH_TX_FIFO_OVERFLOW Card in slot <card slot> encountered media buffer overflow      142
Major FAULT_SPORT_SWITCH_PLL_LOCK Unrecoverable sync error on clock master media network 140
Major FAULT_FPGA_POST FPGA power on self test failed 107
Major FAULT_SERVER_DEVICE_NOT_FOUND Server device (<hostname>) not found 77
Major FAULT_REDUNDANCY_NO_STANDBY Active redundant device not monitored by standby device 94
Major FAULT_INVALID_IO_CARD_CONFIG Invalid IO card configuration 57
Major FAULT_INVALID_IO_CARD_SLOT Wrong card type installed in slot <card slot> 81
Major FAULT_IO_CARD_SLOT Unable to communicate with the IO card in slot <card slot> 78
Major FAULT_IP_CARD Unable to communicate with an audio input card 11
Major FAULT_IPOP_CARD Unable to communicate with an audio input/output card 106
Major FAULT_LABGRUPPEN_CHANNEL_ERROR Lab.gruppen amplifier has a channel error 104
Major FAULT_REDUNDANCY_NO_CABLE_LINK Redundancy cable link not detected 95
Major FAULT_LABGRUPPEN_FRAME_ERROR Lab.gruppen amplifier has a frame error 100
Major FAULT_OP_CARD Unable to communicate with an audio output card 12
Major FAULT_LEM Unable to communicate with the network card 7
Major FAULT_LEM_ARM Unable to communicate with backpanel GPIO controller 92
Major FAULT_NO_DSP_CARDS No functional DSP cards found 93
Major FAULT_NETWORK_IP_CHANGED Device network parameter changed 74
Major FAULT_VOIP_CARD_FW_UPDATE Unable to update firmware on a VoIP card 45
Minor FAULT_NETWORK_INTERFACE_INHIBITED Network interface <interface name> disabled due to invalid configuration.  Network address conflicts with other interface(s). 115
Minor FAULT_LABGRUPPEN_CHANNEL_WARNING Lab.gruppen amplifier has a channel warning 105
Minor FAULT_INCOMPATIBLE_COMMANDSTRING_SERIAL_PORT CommandString incompatible with serial port 'usage' 82
Minor FAULT_FRONT_PANEL_DISPLAY Unable to communicate with front panel display 6
Minor FAULT_SPORT_SWITCH_FCLK_SYNC Card in slot <card slot> lost synchronization with internal Tesira media clock 139
Minor FAULT_FAN_MALFUNCTION Cooling fan malfunction.  Check filter and fan. 89
Minor FAULT_EXPANDER_UNABLE_TO_FIND_PROXY Unable to find proxy device 99
Minor FAULT_EXPANDER_MINOR_FAULT_IN_DEVICE Expander device (<hostname>) has minor fault 118
Minor FAULT_LABGRUPPEN_FRAME_WARNING Lab.gruppen amplifier has a frame warning 101
Minor FAULT_DYNAMIC_DELAY_EXCEEDED Insufficient dynamic delay; lips may not be synced 131
Minor FAULT_DAN1_NOT_NETWORK_CLOCKMASTER DAN1 card isn't Dante network clock master 91
Minor FAULT_DAN1_DANTE_MIC_INVALID_DEVICE Unsupported device routed to Dante Mic channel. Route an appropriate device using Dante Controller. 114
Minor FAULT_DAN1_DANTE_MIC_FANOUT Dante Mic fanout detected. Remove fanout using Dante Controller. 113
Minor FAULT_DAN1_CHAN_DIFF_CONTROL Unsupported Dante configuration - multiple devices connected to block <block name> 143
Minor FAULT_AUDIO_CLOCKS_NOT_SYNCHRONIZED Audio clocks not synchronized on AVB network 72
Minor FAULT_EXPANDER_FW_UPDATE_IN_PROGRESS Expander device (<hostname>) firmware update in progress 110

Response format - Verbose Mode

Note: DEVICE get activeFaultList  only retrieves Fault List of the queried Device. For complete fault list, every Server class device will need to be queried separately.

+OK "value":[{"id":INDICATOR_NONE_IN_DEVICE "name":"No fault in device" "faults":[] "serialNumber":"01842216"} {"id":INDICATOR_NONE_IN_DEVICE "name":"No fault in device" "faults":[] "serialNumber":"01882935"}]

+OK “Value”:


"name":"No fault in device"

"faults":[ ]


Header   Fault Type (Major, Minor, None) Fault Type Description    Fault List   Device Serial Number 

Fault Type, Description, Fault List and Device Serial number repeat in the response for the following:
1. Every Device using connected Server device as Proxy. For eg. Expanders
2. Major faults
3. Minor faults
Repeat format: Header :[{ Fault type  Fault Type Description  Fault List  Device Serial No } { Fault Type  Fault Type Description  Fault List  Device Serial No. } {…....}]

Response Header
+OK “Value”

Fault Type

Fault Type Description
"name": "No fault in device" or "Minor Fault in System" or "Major Fault in System"

Fault List
no faults in system:
"faults":[ ]

faults in system:
"faults":[{"id":FAULT_INCOMPATIBLE_COMMANDSTRING_SERIAL_PORT "name":"CommandString incompatible with serial port 'usage'"}] 

Fault List syntax



"name":"CommandString incompatible with serial port 'usage'”}]

Header    Fault ID    Fault Description  


Fault ID: One of the fault IDs from the Fault List

Fault List may carry multiple Fault ID and Fault Descriptions separated by { }

Response Format - Non Verbose Mode

Non Verbose responses do no include the Fault ID and instead list the Fault ID Number (listed in the last column of fault list). 

Non verbose responses do not include explicity state Fault Type and instead refer to a Fault Indicator number as listed below:

Indicator Description ID
INDICATOR_NONE_IN_DEVICE No fault in device 5

+OK [[2 "Minor Fault in Device" [ [89 "Cooling fan malfunction.  Check filter and fan."]] "02196874"]]


[ [ 2

"Minor Fault in Device"

[ [ 89

" Cooling fan malfunction. Check filter and fan. " ]]

"02196874" ]]

Header Fault Indicator Fault Type Description Fault ID Number Fault Description   Device Serial Number 


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