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Tesira TTP fault responses

This article lists the possible Tesira fault IDs and their descriptions received in response to the command: "DEVICE get activeFaultList" sent to a Tesira server class device via a serial or Telnet session. 

Fault list

Severity Fault ID Fault Description
Major FAULT_AEC_CARD Unable to communicate with an AEC card
Major FAULT_AMP_CARD Unable to communicate with amplifier card
Major FAULT_AMP_CHANNEL Amp channel <channel> is faulted
Major FAULT_AMP_DC_PROTECT Amp detected DC voltage on channel <channel>
Major FAULT_AMP_POWER_CHANNEL Amp channel <channel> too much power
Major FAULT_AMP_POWER_DEVICE Amp device too much power
Major FAULT_AMP_SHORT_CIRCUIT Amp detected short circuit on channel <channel>
Major FAULT_AMP_TEMP_CHANNEL Amp channel <channel> too hot
Major FAULT_AMP_TEMP_DEVICE Amp device too hot
Major FAULT_AMP_TEMP_PSU Amp PSU too hot
Major FAULT_ANC_CARD Unable to communicate with an ANC card
Major FAULT_AVB_CARD Unable to communicate with an AVB card
Major FAULT_AVB_STREAM_INACTIVE One or more AVB streams inactive
Major FAULT_COBRANET_CARD Unable to communicate with a CobraNet card
Major FAULT_DAN1_CANT_SYNC_TO_BACKPLANE Dante card in slot <card slot> failed to sync clock to backplane
Major FAULT_DAN1_CARD Unable to communicate with the Dante card in slot <card slot>
Major FAULT_DAN1_LINKDOWN Dante card in slot <card slot> has all links down
Major FAULT_DAN1_MUTED DAN1 card audio muted
Major FAULT_DANTE_FLOW_INACTIVE one or more Dante flows inactive
Major FAULT_DEVICE_NEEDS_RECOVERY Device needs recovery from fatal error or firmware update failure
Major FAULT_DSP_APP_SLOT DSP Application error on card in slot <card slot>
Major FAULT_DSP_CARD One or more DSP cards failed to boot
Major FAULT_DSP_CARD_SLOT Unable to communicate with the DSP card in slot <card slot>
Major FAULT_EXPANDER_FW_UPDATE Expander device (<hostname>) failed firmware update
Major FAULT_EXPANDER_HW_INCOMPATIBLE Expander device (<hostname>) is incompatible
Major FAULT_EXPANDER_MAJOR_FAULT_IN_DEVICE Expander device (<hostname>) has major fault
Major FAULT_EXPANDER_NOT_PRESENT Expander device (<hostname>) not found
Major FAULT_EXPANDER_UNABLE_TO_COMMUNICATE Unable to communicate with expander device (<hostname>)
Major FAULT_FPGA_POST FPGA power on self test failed
Major FAULT_INVALID_IO_CARD_CONFIG Invalid IO card configuration
Major FAULT_INVALID_IO_CARD_SLOT Wrong card type installed in slot <card slot>
Major FAULT_IO_CARD_SLOT Unable to communicate with the IO card in slot <card slot>
Major FAULT_IP_CARD Unable to communicate with an audio input card
Major FAULT_IPOP_CARD Unable to communicate with an audio input/output card
Major FAULT_LABGRUPPEN_CHANNEL_ERROR Lab.gruppen amplifier has a channel error
Major FAULT_LABGRUPPEN_FRAME_ERROR Lab.gruppen amplifier has a frame error
Major FAULT_LEM Unable to communicate with the network card
Major FAULT_LEM_ARM Unable to communicate with backpanel GPIO controller
Major FAULT_NETWORK_IP_CHANGED Device network parameter changed
Major FAULT_NO_DSP_CARDS No functional DSP cards found
Major FAULT_OP_CARD Unable to communicate with an audio output card
Major FAULT_REDUNDANCY_NO_CABLE_LINK Redundancy cable link not detected
Major FAULT_REDUNDANCY_NO_STANDBY Active redundant device not monitored by standby device
Major FAULT_SERVER_DEVICE_NOT_FOUND Server device (<hostname>) not found
Major FAULT_SPORT_SWITCH_PLL_LOCK Unrecoverable sync error on clock master media network
Major FAULT_SPORT_SWITCH_TX_FIFO_OVERFLOW Card in slot <card slot> encountered media buffer overflow     
Major FAULT_SPORT_SWITCH_TX_FIFO_UNDERFLOW Card in slot <card slot> encountered media buffer underflow
Major FAULT_TFPGA_OUT_OF_DATE Device requires FPGA update
Major FAULT_TICARD Unable to communicate with the telephone interface card in slot <card slot>
Major FAULT_USB_CARD Unable to communicate with the USB interface
Major FAULT_VIDEO_INPUT_CARD  Unable to communicate with input video card
Major FAULT_VIDEO_OUTPUT_CARD Unable to communicate with output video card
Major FAULT_VOIP_CARD Unable to communicate with a VoIP card
Major FAULT_VOIP_CARD_ADDRESS_CONFLICT IP Address Conflict on a VoIP card               
Major FAULT_VOIP_CARD_FW_UPDATE Unable to update firmware on a VoIP card
Minor FAULT_AUDIO_CLOCKS_NOT_SYNCHRONIZED Audio clocks not synchronized on AVB network
Minor FAULT_DAN1_DANTE_MIC_FANOUT Dante Mic fanout detected. Remove fanout using Dante Controller.
Minor FAULT_DAN1_DANTE_MIC_INVALID_DEVICE Unsupported device routed to Dante Mic channel. Route an appropriate device using Dante Controller.
Minor FAULT_DAN1_NOT_NETWORK_CLOCKMASTER DAN1 card isn't Dante network clock master
Minor FAULT_EXPANDER_FW_UPDATE_IN_PROGRESS Expander device (<hostname>) firmware update in progress
Minor FAULT_EXPANDER_MINOR_FAULT_IN_DEVICE Expander device (<hostname>) has minor fault
Minor FAULT_EXPANDER_UNABLE_TO_FIND_PROXY Unable to find proxy device
Minor FAULT_FAN_MALFUNCTION Cooling fan malfunction.  Check filter and fan.
Minor FAULT_FRONT_PANEL_DISPLAY Unable to communicate with front panel display
Minor FAULT_INCOMPATIBLE_COMMANDSTRING_SERIAL_PORT CommandString incompatible with serial port 'usage'
Minor FAULT_LABGRUPPEN_CHANNEL_WARNING Lab.gruppen amplifier has a channel warning
Minor FAULT_LABGRUPPEN_FRAME_WARNING Lab.gruppen amplifier has a frame warning
Minor FAULT_NETWORK_INTERFACE_INHIBITED Network interface <interface name> disabled due to invalid configuration.  Network address conflicts with other interface(s).
Minor FAULT_SPORT_SWITCH_FCLK_SYNC Card in slot <card slot> lost synchronization with internal Tesira media clock

Response format

Note: DEVICE get activeFaultList  only retrieves Fault List of the queried Device. For complete fault list, every Server class device will need to be queried separately.

+OK "value":[{"id":INDICATOR_NONE_IN_DEVICE "name":"No fault in device" "faults":[] "serialNumber":"01842216"} {"id":INDICATOR_NONE_IN_DEVICE "name":"No fault in device" "faults":[] "serialNumber":"01882935"}]

+OK “Value”:


"name":"No fault in device"

"faults":[ ]


Header   Fault Type (Major, Minor, None) Fault Type Description    Fault List   Device Serial Number 

Fault Type, Description, Fault List and Device Serial number repeat in the response for the following:
1. Every Device using connected Server device as Proxy. For eg. Expanders
2. Major faults
3. Minor faults
Repeat format: Header :[{ Fault type  Fault Description  Fault List Device  Serial No } { Fault Type  Fault Descripiton  Fault List  Device Serial No. } {…}]

Response Header
+OK “Value”

Fault Type

Fault Type Description
"name": "No fault in device" or "Minor Fault in System" or "Major Fault in System"

Fault List
no faults in system:
"faults":[ ]

faults in system:
"faults":[{"id":FAULT_INCOMPATIBLE_COMMANDSTRING_SERIAL_PORT "name":"CommandString incompatible with serial port 'usage'"}] 

Fault List syntax



"name":"CommandString incompatible with serial port 'usage'”}]

Header    Fault ID    Fault Description  


Fault ID: One of the fault IDs from the Fault List

Fault List may carry multiple Fault ID and Fault Descriptions separated by { }



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