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Cambridge Sound Management and Vocia - Minimum System Requirements Calculator

This calculator estimates the minimum number of Sound Masking Processors or Controllers and Vocia Analog Outputs required for a specific number of Sound Masking Zones and Paging Zones in a building. 

Note: These results represent the minimum system requirements and should be used only as a baseline reference. More devices may be needed depending or particular project needs or equipment placement.

Which Sound Masking System would you like to use?

Sound Masking Zones
Paging Zones
Qt300 Controllers
Qt600 Controllers
DS3002 Processors
DS3008 Processors
VO-4 Analog Outputs
Total Qt300 Controllers required: 0
Total Qt600 Controllers required: 0
Total DS3002 Processors required: 0
Total DS3008 Processors required: 0
Total VO-4 Analog Outputs required: 0


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