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TTS-1nc Nurse Call troubleshooting

To aid in testing and deploying a live TTS-1nc Nurse Call system, a Troubleshooting Interface is available when online to the system. This article explains the layout and how to interpret the Nurse Call data received.

Troubleshooting Interface

In the TTS-1nc Properties dialog, the Troubleshooting Interface tab will become available and will display all Nurse Call data received by the TTS-1nc. Entries are listed on separate rows and contain the arrival time and the field data received.

When a rule is matched, it will be shown with a white background and those that are not matched will be shown with a red background. Selecting a matched rule shows the configured filters that can be used to ascertain how the rule was matched in the Rule Details section. The Troubleshooting Interface is live only when the interface is open. If historical data is required, the Alarms and Logs tab can be used to view successful and unsuccessful rule matches.


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