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Using Moxa serial-to-Ethernet adapters with Vocia TTS-1nc

This article describes the Moxa 5110 and 5150 RS-232 serial to Ethernet adapters, and their use with the TTS-1nc. This device allows the user to separate the devices beyond the normal limits of serial cabling. Not all Moxa models supports RS-232, be sure to specify the correct version.

Wiring diagram

The following diagram shows the typical wiring scheme for this application.

Nurse call to Moxa to TTS-1 v3.png

Moxa 5110

The 5110 is a dedicated RS-232 device.

5110 rs-232.PNG

Moxa 5150

The Moxa 5150 can be used for RS-485 or RS-232 devices. Be sure the jumper is in the correct mode.


5150 rs-232.PNG

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