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Wiring audio inputs and outputs


With the many I/O card options available to the Biamp family and the multitude of wiring formats and schemes in the industry, it can be difficult to remember how to wire certain things for proper operation. This article shows the most typical wiring schemes used with Biamp Audia and Nexia hardware.


Note: Input wiring schemes apply to both the IP-2 and AEC-2HD cards.

Balanced Mic/Line Input



Unbalanced Line Input



Stereo Unbalanced Line Input

Note: For this wiring scheme, two input channels are required; one for the right channel signal and one for the left channel signal.



Balanced Line Output / Unbalanced Line Output



Audia PA-2 card

Single channel per speaker output for 4-ohm or 8-ohm speakers.


Bridged-mono speaker output for 4-ohm or 8-ohm speakers.


Telephone lines

Audia Telephone Interface Card (TI-2)

Note: This example shows two telephone lines although both are not required for proper operation. Analog telephones connected to the system are not required either but could enhance the system capabilities and / or functionality.


Biamp products use 0.2" (5.08mm) pitch Phoenix or euro-block connections. 

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