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Connecting the output of a Biamp device to a phantom-powered input

This article describes a method for safely connecting the output of a Biamp Tesira, Audia, Nexiaor Vocia processor to another device with phantom power enabled on its input side.

Biamp Tesira, Audia, Nexiaand Vocia mic/line outputs are not phantom-power tolerant. In order to safely connect them to a phantom-powered input the solution is to capacitively-couple the Tesira/Audia/Nexia/Vocia output to the device.

Schematic and parts

In applications with all Phantom Power voltages up to the full 48-volt standard we recommend the Panasonic ECE-A1HN471U which is DigiKey part number P1287-ND, 470uF @ 50V. These are available in piece quantities.

The diagrams below show how to connect the capacitors.


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