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Configuring a RED-1 from Audia/Nexia software

To make a RED-1 remote controller work with an Audia/Nexia configuration, we only need to make certain that the Device ID matches both in the configuration and in the remote controller itself. If they don't, once a configuration file is loaded, the remote will show “Waiting for Configuration” on its display. This article provides a quick way of solving this problem.

Assumptions and requirements

The instructions in this article assume that the RED-1 already has an IP address that is in the same subnet as the Audia or Nexia.  If the RED-1 has an IP in a different subnet, then the Audia/Nexia won't be able to talk to it, which means that you may need to set an IP address on the RED-1 from its configuration menu. The default IP address of a RED-1 is

If you are working with multiple RED-1's, they will need to have unique IP addresses assigned to them before completing the steps below.

Configuring the RED-1 from the software

  1. RED-1 change name.PNGThese steps can only be completed while you are disconnected from the Audia/Nexia system.  If you are currently connected to the system, go to File→Network→Disconnect From System.
  2. Select the RED-1 block in your configuration and go to the Property Sheet (right-click on the RED-1 block, select Properties).
  3. Look under the DSP Attributes tab for the Device ID. Most likely it says “RED-1ID 01” which is the default.
  4. If you like, you can select that field and change the Device ID to something simpler.
  5. Then, select the ID you typed and press CTRL+C to copy it.
  6. Go to File→Network→Perform Device Maintenance.  If that option is not available, you may need to go to File→Network→Connect To Network first.
  7. In the Device Maintenance window, click on the “Remote Ethernet Devices” button. If your RED-1 is properly connected and it has a good IP address, it should show up in the table.
  8. Select the RED-1 in the list and click the “Set Device ID” button.
  9. Press CTRL+V to paste the Device ID in the New Device ID field.
  10. Click OK and then close all other windows.
  11. If you haven't already sent your configuration file to the Audia/Nexia, send it now (File→Network→Send System Configuration).

RED-1 change name.PNG


RED-1 receive their menu file from a host Audia/Nexia system. Each RED-1 is identified using a Device ID. Multiple RED-1 controllers can have the same Device ID and they will mirror the same menu file.

  • If there is not a valid IP path back to the host Audia/Nexia the RED-1 will show "Waiting for Configuration".
  • If the Device ID on the RED-1 does not exactly match the Device ID in the configuration file, the RED-1 will show "Waiting for Configuration". 
  • If the host Audia/Nexia is unconfigured or does not have a RED-1 block assigned the RED-1 will show "Waiting for Configuration". 
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