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Remote Control Bus (RCB) wiring and RCB Hub

The Remote Control Bus (RCB) provides the connection for external control devices such as the Volume 8, Select 8, Volume/Select 8, Voltage Control Box (VCB) and Logic Box to an Audia or Nexia System.  

Bus wiring 

A remote control bus connected to an Audia or Nexia device must meet the following requirements:

  • An Audia device can support up to 32 controls in any combination.
  • A Nexia device can support up to 12 controls in any combination.
  • All controls must be connected in a single daisy-chain network. The Audia/Nexia device can be in the middle of the daisy-chain.  Only one Audia or Nexia can be connected on an RCB bus.
  • Total daisy-chain length can not exceed 1000 feet (300 Meters).
  • All controls are wired in parallel (pin for pin).
  • Both ends of the daisy-chain must be terminated, either by installing the termination jumper or by pushing in the termination button.  All devices in the middle of the daisy-chain must be unterminated.
  • Use data grade cable (95~120 Ohms nominal impedance; 16 pF/ft. max. capacitance; 65% min. velocity of propagation). Note that CAT-5 / CAT-6 type cable is not recommended due to cable impedance.

Recommended cable: Gepco 18/22AXL, Liberty AXLINK, Liberty CRESNET or equivalent (use data pair for Hi & Lo; Use power pair for + & -, Power supplied is 24V DC between + & -)

RCB wiring.GIF

RCB wiring single chain 1.GIF

RCB wiring single chain 2.GIF

Remote Control Bus Hub (RCB Hub)

The Remote Control Bus Hub (RCB Hub) provides eight parallel ports for the connection of remote control devices to an Audia/Nexia system. This allows multiple branches to be connected to a remote control network. A control network using a remote Control Bus Hub must meet the same requirements explained above. Total distance is calculated by adding together only the two longest branches connected to the RCB Hub.


Nexia control network example

Nexia RCB Hub sample.GIF

​Audia control network example

Audia RCB Hub sample.GIF

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