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Controlling the Room Combiner block in daVinci

Many DSP processing blocks in Audia/Nexia can be copied and pasted into a daVinci control surface.  The Room Combiner block is one exception.  The reason has to do with the geometry of the Room Combiner.  This article demonstrates how to control the Room Combiner from daVinci.

Controlling the Room Combiner in daVinci

Since the Room Combiner block can't be copied and pasted directly into daVinci, we have to control it indirectly.  Using a Logic State block to drive the logic inputs of the Room Combiner block is the most efficient method.  Then, the Logic State block can be controlled from within daVinci.

Combiner with logic.GIF

  • In your configuration file, add a Logic State block with as many channels as you have movable partitions in your Room Combiner block.
  • Connect this Logic State block to the logic inputs on the Room Combiner block.
  • Compile your configuration.
  • Select the Logic State block and copy it (CTRL+C).
  • Open the daVinci control panel.
  • Paste the Logic State into the daVinci file (CTRL+V).

Modify the buttons to indicate which partition they are controlling or modify the button and place it over a graphical interface. Here are some samples.

daVinci combiner.GIF

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