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AudiaFLEX I/O card order

When ordering an AudiaFLEX with I/O cards installed, the cards will be installed at the factory in a specific order. Sometimes, if you are modifying the I/O cards in an AudiaFLEX, it is helpful to know the correct card order. This article explains the correct order in which AudiaFLEX I/O cards should be installed.

Card order

An AudiaFLEX has 12 card slots for I/O cards. Each I/O card is either an input card or an output card, and this will affect where it is located.

When viewing the AudiaFLEX from the rear panel, input cards are always populated starting from the right.  Output cards are always populated starting from the left. If all 12 slots are not populated, then any blank slots will be in the middle between the input and output cards (assuming the chassis has both input and output cards installed).

If more than one type of input or output card are installed, then they are installed in the following order:

Input Cards

  1. IP-2 (green)
  2. AEC-2HD (orange)
  3. TI-2 (green, 4-pin)
  4. VoIP-2

Output Cards

  1. PA-2 (yellow)
  2. OP-2e (black)

Below is an image of an example AudiaFLEX with the following cards installed:

  • IP-2 (Qty:2)
  • AEC-2HD (Qty:2)
  • TI-2 (Qty:1)
  • VoIP-2 (Qty:1)
  • OP-2e (Qty:2)
  • PA-2 (Qty:2)
  • 2 blank slots

Flex cards

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