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Audia VoIP firmware - Red I/O fault light

Since Audia's VoIP-2 card holds its own firmware, it is possible to have a different version of firmware loaded to a VoIP-2 card than what is loaded on the AudiaFlex in which it is installed.  This firmware mismatch is usually encountered when a VoIP-2 card has been installed in the field, and it will result in the I/O light on the front of the AudiaFlex lighting up solid red when the unit boots up.

This article describes how to resolve this issue by getting the VoIP card's firmware to match up with the AudiaFlex's firmware version.

Red I/O light on Audia

Note that there are other causes of a red I/O light.  A red I/O fault indicator light may indicate:

  • an incompatibility between the installed VoIP-2 card firmware and Audia chassis firmware.
  • a CM-1 (CobraNet module) error.
  • a daughterboard (I/O card) error.


If a VOIP-2 card has older firmware than the Audia chassis in which it is installed there will be a system error, indicated by a red I/O indicator light. To remedy the fault it is necessary to first "roll back" the Audia firmware to the version that matches the firmware on the VOIP-2 card, then update everything to the current firmware release.

Resolving VoIP firmware mismatch

  1. Firmware ID.PNGBegin by opening Device Maintenance and getting Device Information for the device showing a fault. Get the last 4 digits of the firmware numbers for the Audia and for the VoIP card. Look at the reference list below and find the VoIP firmware version you are running and see which Audia firmware it corresponds to. If it does not match up with the firmware shown on your Audia, you will need to load the legacy Audia firmware version that exactly corresponds to that VoIP card's firmware.
  2. Contact Biamp Support for the correct legacy firmware file. Don't forget to create a backup copy of your design file before updating firmware!
  3. Perform a Firmware Update on the Audia, using the legacy firmware. Once the unit is configured with legacy firmware, confirm in Device Information that the two firmware release versions are in sync according to the list below.
  4. Finally, perform a Firmware Update again, this time using the current firmware release.

Be sure that you have the most recent Audia software installed on your computer before performing the firmware updates, or the updates will not finish successfully.

Firmware release history

This table links Audia firmware versions with their corresponding VoIP-2 firmware versions.

Audia firmware version VoIP-2 firmware version
4.910 1.207.0
4.890 1.205.1
4.870 1.203.1
4.850 1.202.1
4.790 1.190.0
4.750 1.170.0
4.730 1.160.0
4.710 1.160.0
4.660 1.150.1; 1.150.2
4.640 1.140.0; 1.140.2; 1.140.3
4.600 1.120.5; 1.120.7; 1.120.8
4.580 1.111.0; 1.111.1; 1.111.2; 1.111.3; 1.111.4; 1.111.5
4.570 1.110.0
4.560 1.110.0
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