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AudiaFUSION application examples

The .dap file ( Audia Fusion Example.dap ) attached to this document has two simple examples of an AudiaFUSION system:

Example 1

Since AudiaFUSION can only receive input signals over CobraNet, you might think that an AudiaFUSION would always need to be paired up with an AudiaFLEX. That’s not necessarily the case. The first example system shows a paging system with background music, with all processing and amplification taking place in a single AudiaFUSION. Input devices include four NPS-1 paging stations and an AudiaEXPI-4 mini input expander. Background music selection is performed by a RED-1 controller.

Example 2

The second example system shows an AudiaFUSION integrated with an AudiaFLEX and a 3rd-party CobraNet device. The Fusion is set up in channel failover mode, with four primary channels and four secondary channels in a single frame.


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