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Identifying the physical input or output card assignment on an Audia

This article describes how to identify the physical input or output card assignment in Audia from the file.

Hardware configuration

Audia card locations.PNG

Audia ships from Biamp with cards in specific locations. The example shown above has (2) cards of each of the (6) types available, filling all twelve slots.

Input cards are referenced from right to left, output cards from left to right. Click to zoom on the image.

Equipment Table

1 unit 2b.PNG

In the Equipment Table you will find the Audia hardware required for your new design, or the existing hardware that has been imported from a running system.

This table includes the Unit ID number for each Audia in your design.

Expanding the I/O tab at the bottom of the Equipment Table reveals the cards and their slot assignments (slots 1-6)

1 unit 2c.PNG Scrolling down in the Equipment Table reveals the assignments for slots 7-12.

Display device assignment

Go to Tools > Options... > Display and choose Display device assignment. This will add an indicator in the top left corner of each processing block showing the device ID of the Audia which is processing that block. A block which has not yet been compiled, or which does not have a valid audio path, will display 2 question marks (??) rather than a Device ID number.

Look in the block

The Device IO (input-output) numbers are displayed in the first column of the Block Control Dialog.

  • For input cards the device IO numbers begin with 1 at the right rear of the device and read from right-to-left (<<<).
  • For output cards the device IO numbers begin with 1 at the left rear of the device and read from left-to-right (>>>).
  • Telephone and VoIP card inputs and outputs "share" channel numbers since there's just (1) I/O connection per line. There are two phone lines per card. They are referred to as an input card.


1 unit 2.PNG

A single Audia unit. All Blocks are labeled as Device ID 1, inputs are numbered 1 - 8, outputs are numbered 1 - 8.


2 units.PNG

Two Audia units. Objects in Unit 1 are fixed in unit. Notice how the Dev IO numbering for blocks in Unit 2 starts at 1 again - with the Blocks showing the Device ID difference.

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